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What is the deadline for applications?

Applications for all programs are assessed on a rolling basis. You must complete an application a year in advance for semester programs and approximately 6 months in advance for short-term programs.

Session 1 2018 applications will open in May 2017, and close on 17 August 2017.

Session 2 2018 applications will open in October 2017, and close on 18 March 2018. 

Short-term programs have specific deadlines, and applications are assessed after that deadline has passed. Please see specific program information on the Explore page to check deadlines.

I have applied for exchange, when will I find out the outcome of my application?

Applications are assessed on a rolling bases. The length it will take to hear an outcome depends on the time of year you apply and the session you are applying for. If you are applying for Session 1 exchange you should expect to hear around July-September the previous year, if you are applying for Session 2 exchange you should expect to hear around January-March the same year.

These are approximate timelines and may vary. Your patience is appreciated when waiting to hear the outcome of your application.

I have accepted my offer for exchange but haven't seen the $50 fee loaded to my account, or the iLearn unit. When will these be available?

The fee may take a few weeks to appear in your account. Please just be patient and constantly check your student account. This is the same with the iLearn unit; students will be added once the content is finalised.

I have accepted my offer. When will I be added to the iLearn unit?

Students will be added to the iLearn unit when the page has been finalised. Do not worry if you have accepted your offer, we have you on the list to add to iLearn.

Will I get my first preference university?

This depends on how competitive that university is and how many places are available. This will change each semester. The UK, USA and Canada are extremely popular destinations and therefore very competitive. If your preference is in one of these regions and you cannot be placed, we will offer you an alternative option. It is important to be flexible with your preferences.

Why have I been offered a place at a university I do not want?

Students are offered places based on what is available. If you are unhappy with your offer you may reject this and ask to be reassessed for the same session (if time permits) or for the following session. If you ask to be reassessed, list new preferences in your email correspondence. However, if being reassessed for the same session, it is important to list other preferences as you were unable to be placed at the original ones.

I have received my offer from Macquarie, when will I receive information from the host university?

After you have accepted your offer from Macquarie, you will be nominated to the host university in line with their nominations deadlines. You will then be contacted either by Macquarie Abroad or the host university directly in regards to their application process. This can take up to five months depending on whether you received an offer. Please constantly check your student email for any updates.

Can I use my travel grant or OS-HELP loan as proof of funds for host university or visa application?

We recommend you contact either the institution (usually university or consulate) requesting the proof of funds to clarify what you can/can't use as proof of funding. The only confirmation of travel grant or OS-Help loan funding Macquarie University will provide is in your program offer letter. You may consider using that if accepted by relevant institution.

Remember, if you do not have enough funds in your bank account to support your exchange, you can also use the bank account of a sponsor as proof. This sponsor can be a parent, relative or anyone else who confirms to support you while abroad. They will just have to provide a letter or fill in the relevant form requested by the host institution to confirm this, and show a copy of their bank statement as proof of funds.

When will I hear the outcome of my host university application?

Each university has a different application process and timeline. Students should expect to wait up to four months after the host universities application deadline to hear back with an outcome. Macquarie Abroad will not be able to chase up the host university or speed up this process. Make sure you constantly check your student email for any updates.

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