My academic program

My academic program

You must develop have a study plan for your exchange period and make sure your subjects are approved before you go.  

You will receive credit at Macquarie while you're abroad and your grades will be converted once you return. Some common questions about academic programs while on exchange are answered below.

Will the subjects I take overseas count toward my degree?

To ensure that you receive credit for the subjects you wish to study while overseas, you must develop a study plan and have these subjects approved by Macquarie academics (see contacts for credit below). This will be one of your tasks after your acceptance into the exchange program.

What grades do I need while on exchange?

Students are required to pass at least 65% of the units they take at their overseas university. If this is not achieved students will be required to repay their travel grant. This repayment will be regarded as a debt to the University and sanctions may be placed on the students' account until repayment has been made.

Will I have to extend my degree to participate?

To ensure that you will not have to extend your degree, you should make sure to speak with an academic adviser  in your department prior to applying.

If I have a strict degree plan can I add on extra electives to go on exchange?

No. You can only enrol in units that you have space to do as part of your degree. These can be cores, electives or People and Planet.

Are there any restrictions on my degree relating to exchange?

Please check the Macquarie University Handbook for specific requirements of study programs or seek advice from an academic adviser in your Department.

Please see our payment and eligibility requirements pages for more information.

Do I need to talk to anyone in my department before I apply for exchange?

Yes. Please see the contact for credit list on this page for the exemptions officer in your department.

I'm in the Bachelor of International Studies. How does exchange work for me?

Please see our Handbook and our payment and eligibility requirements pages for more information.

The host university has trimesters, how does this work?

Students will either enrol in one or two trimester(s) at the host university depending on which dates align with the Macquarie semester period. This will be coordinated with the host university at the time of application. The Macquarie enrolment process is explained once students are accepted into the program and will remain the same.

How do I find subjects offered at the overseas institutions?

You can refer to the Macquarie's credit transfer register to find out credits you may be eligible for based on the subjects offered by your host university. Check your host university for information on subjects available and speak to an exemption officer regarding credit exemption (see table below).

What if the classes at my host university are full?

We recommend you put yourself on a waiting list for the full class. If there is no waiting list, watch over it to see if places become available. Like Macquarie, many students will change classes within the first few weeks, and often places become available in full classes during this time. It is also a good idea to get back-up subjects approved in case you do miss out.

My destination university website is not in English – what should I do?

Have you carefully checked the ‘front’ page of the website? Many university websites have an English translation that you can click to via a link on the main page. You may see a Union Jack near the top or bottom menu bar, or you might see the word ‘English’ in small letters somewhere. 

If you still do not see any English version available, try using Google Translate.

Do I have to get my subjects approved before I apply for exchange?

It is a good idea to speak with someone in your department about your plans for exchange. An academic adviser is best suited to discuss your degree and its requirements with you.

How do I get my subjects approved?

The subjects you wish to take overseas must be approved before you go on exchange. In your iLearn, there is a Study Plan form which you will use to get your subjects approved.

The Study Plan form looks a bit like this:

Host University subject

Equivalent Macquarie Subject

Credit point value at Host Institution

Year Level of Credit at MQ deemed by academic

Credit Points at MQ deemed by academic

Academic Approval

COMM3970: Business Finance

ECON350: Money and Finance

7.5 ECTS


3 credits

Prof. Smith, Exemptions Officer for BUS/BBA/MKTG

RGUIO3350 - Intellectual Property

Unspecified Law 400 level



3 credits

Prof. Wong, Exemptions Officer for Law

Each host university subject you wish to take must be approved. An academic in each department will determine the amount and level of credit you will receive at Macquarie for the subjects you plan to study overseas.

To make an appointment with an academic, please see the contacts for credit list below. Be prepared for your meeting and make sure you take along all the relevant course descriptions that you are seeking credit for, so that their equivalency and credit point values can be assessed.

How will enrolment work whilst I am on exchange?

Enrolment on exchange is very different than the normal procedure of enrolling yourself on e-student. Detailed instructions will be provided in the compulsory pre-departure sessions, but in short:

At the start of your semester on exchange, your adviser will send you an enrolment rorm. You will need to confirm the details of the subjects that you have enrolled in at your host institution. We will check that you have the necessary approvals from the correct Exemptions Officers. We will then enrol you in exchange units for those subjects.

Using the example from the Study Plan above, after we have enrolled you, your transcript would appear like so: 

Unit 2009


Credit points

Unit Name





Exchange Economics 303





Exchange Law 405


Students are not allowed to be enrolled in internal Macquarie units whilst on exchange. You will need to withdraw from any internal units prior to departing for exchange.

It is possible to take one external Macquarie unit while abroad, although we advise against it due to the heavy workload. You will still be required to be enrolled in a minimum of 9cp from the partner university. The external unit can be taken to make up a 12cp study load. You must make sure the unit has no ‘on-campus’ days while you are away.

What fees will I have to pay for my units?

Refer to our payments page for details.

Can I be enrolled part-time whilst on exchange?

No. It is a requirement of both Macquarie and of the host institutions that you be enrolled as a full-time student whilst on exchange. 

You will need to be enrolled in the equivalent of a minimum of 9 credit points for undergraduate and 12 credit points for postgraduate at Macquarie. You will also need to meet your host institution's definition of a full-time load. This amount may differ at different institutions, and may be more than Macquarie's minimum.

For international students, due to visa requirements, they will need to be enrolled in 4 units as full time workload (equivalent to 12 credit points for undergraduate students, 16 credit points for postgraduate students).

What will my grades be transferred back as?

Grades from your exchange program will be transferred back to your Macquarie transcript as Satisfactory or Fail only. These grades are determined by the host university’s grading scale.

Contacts for credit




Faculty of Business and Economics



Faculty of Business and Economics




Dr Lisa Wynn

Asian Studies

Dr Sung-Ae Lee

Biological Sciences

Prof David Raftos


Prof Danny Wong


Hazel Jenkins
Goran Strkalj
Dr Ben Brown
Stephney Whillier
Curtis Rigney


Dr Hui Ling Xu


Fiona Yang

Cultural Studies

Diane Hughes


Dr Pamela Coutts


Department of Engineering

By appointment


Karu Esselle

Shaokoon Cheng


Dr Sarah-Jane Burton

Environmental Sciences

Dr Grant Edwards

Dr Paul Hesse


Dr Alex Kurmann

Earth and Planetary Sciences

Dr Richard Flood


Dr Brangwen Stone

Human Geography

Prof Richie Howitt

Ancient History

Dr Chris Forbes

Modern History

Alison Holland 

International Communication

Diane Hughes

International Studies

Dr Maryam Khalid

International Relations

Aleksander Pavkovic


Mr Gianluca Alimeni


Dr Mio Bryce


Paul Govind


Mrs Sue Spinks


Diane Hughes


Dr Rod Yager

Dr Gerry Myserson

Media, Music, Communication and CulturalStudies

Diane Hughes


Dr Robert Sinnerbrinkor

Albert Atkin




Carol McNaught

Policing, Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism

Louise Hutchence-Dingjan


Aleksander Pavkovic (UG)

Dr Glenn Kefford (MPP)

Dr Lavina Lee (MIR)


Dr Eugene Chekaluk


Raj Velayutham


Dr Harry Blatterer

Spanish and Latin American

Dr Jane Hanley


Dr Petra Graham

Translating & Interpreting

Alice Wu

Gender Studies

Dr Kumiko Kawashima

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