Am I eligible?

Am I eligible?

Eligibility requirements

There are minimum requirements for eligibility. You need to make sure you meet those requirements or that you have an exception to them as listed below.

Minimum eligibility criteria

  • Currently enrolled into a Macquarie University coursework degree
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher at time of application
    • Each host university has different requirements. Check our scholarships directory for information on specific programs
  • Completion of at least 12cp at the time of application
  • Completion of at least 18cp at the time of departure
  • Enough credit points remaining to complete a full-time study load in the semester for which you are applying
  • Agree to comply with the eligibility criteria outlined in the terms and conditions of student exchange

Eligibility requirement exceptions

There are some exceptions to the above eligibility requirements for the following students:

Postgraduate students

Postgraduate students in Master's degrees may participate after one full semester of study at Macquarie on the provision they complete at least half of the units studied during that first semester. This condition is restricted to students from degrees (especially MCOM and MIB) to participate in specific programs (such as the GSO in-country units – BUS870)

Example: A postgraduate student is commencing a Master of International Business in Semester 1. They can apply for a short-term exchange program for the July vacation of the same year and will proceed through the application process without having any official results at Macquarie. They will be allowed to go on the program if they successfully complete half of their units in that first semester before the program in July.

Diploma of Languages / Language major students

Diploma of Languages (Dip.Lang) students may participate in a designated Short Term (ST) Residential language unit appropriate to their course after they have completed 12 credit points at Macquarie towards their Dip.Lang.
Students studying a concurrent Bachelors or Masters degree and Dip.Lang at Macquarie may be considered exempt from having completed 12 credit points towards their Dip.Lang prior to their application if they have completed 12 credit points at Macquarie towards their concurrent Macquarie Bachelors or Masters degree.

Example: A Diploma of Languages student has completed nine credit points by the start of Semester 1. At the beginning of Semester 1 they apply for a short program for the July winter vacation period, whilst also enrolling in the additional 3 credit points required to take them up to the 12 credit points needed. They will be allowed to proceed and participate if they successfully complete the additional unit to bring them up to the required 12 credit points.

In cases of doubt a student is encouraged to apply for a ST program with a special Exchange Committee to convene in order to make a determination on the student's suitability for the program. The Department of International Studies reserves the right to exercise its discretion in the selection of students for any ST program it administers. This selection process may be competitive due to limited places available.

Language students in their first year may participate in an in-country unit without having fulfilled the 12cp requirement on the following conditions:

  • They are enrolled in a Bachelor degree program at Macquarie
  • They are enrolled in both Semester 1 and Semester 2 units for their chosen language
  • The short program they are participating in is one that has been specifically designed for students going between first and second semester language units (such as the Berlin School of Economics German course (GMN199) for Introductory students studying German Studies at Macquarie)
  • The program offered is specifically established for a group of students that do not comply with the regular terms and conditions.

For further information contact the Overseas Study Advisor - Vincent Bruin in the Department of International Studies.

Bachelor of International Studies students

Bachelor of International Studies (B INTS) students may participate in an exchange program on the following conditions:

  • They will need to enrol in the 12cp unit INTS300 during their exchange semester. Upon successful completion of their studies at the host institution their grade for INTS300 will be transferred to 'Satisfactory'. INTS300 will only be offered during Session 1 of each academic year.
  • They must have completed at least 39 credit points towards their B INTS prior to the session of their exchange semester.
  • They must have completed at least 12 credit points of language units, including at least 6 at 200 level or above towards their B INTS prior to the session of their exchange semester.

For further information contact the Overseas Study Advisor - Vincent Bruin in the Department of International Studies.

Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) students

Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) students may participate in an exchange program on the following conditions:

  • They do not take core accounting units on exchange
  • They visit an Accounting Department's exemption officer to structure a full semester of electives that can be taken overseas. This is because they only have 18 credit points of electives

Bachelor of International Communication students

Bachelor of International Communication students are strongly recommended to participate in an exchange program in the first semester of their second year of studies. Due to the degree's strict third year requirements, it is extremely difficult for students to go on exchange in their third year without delaying their graduation.

Bachelor of Actuarial Studies and Bachelor of Chiropractic students

Bachelor of Actuarial Studies students and Bachelor of Chiropractic Science students do not have appropriate exchange opportunities now. This is due to the degree requirements and professional qualifications. 

If an appropriate unit is found with a Partner Institution, please get in touch with your department to discuss exchange possibilities.

Bachelor of International Studies with Bachelor of Law students

Bachelor of International Studies with Bachelor of Law students have a compulsory exchange semester in the fourth year. 

  • Students must undertake Law studies at their host university, as it is a Law exchange
  • Students must enrol into the unit EXLW420 (a 12 credit points block unit designed to represent the student's exchange semester)
  • There is no scope within the degree for students to undertake non-Law studies overseas

Law students

Please note that in addition to the eligibility criteria listed online, law students also need to be aware of the below requirements for exchange:

  • Law students must have completed a minimum of 39cp of LAW units including completion
    of LAWS314 and LAWS315 before they can go on exchange.
  • Students can complete a maximum of 15cp of Law credit abroad

Non-Law students please note that Law Department will not give unspecified law credit to subjects under 400 - 500 level.

Compulsory (or core) units cannot be completed whilst on exchange (except for International Law).

During the July and January breaks, students can participate in the below programs to gain 3cp of Law credit:

  • Rutgers Summer United Nations Study Abroad Program – July (400 level elective)
  • Aarhus University - July (500 level elective)
  • University of Vienna Law Program – January (400 level elective)

Every unit that students study on exchange needs to be approved by the relevant Macquarie Academic – for Law units, this is the Exchange Officer, Paul Govind. Credit approval for exchange is not sought until after students are accepted into the program.

Eligibility FAQs

Can I go to a university not listed in the partner directory?

If you would like to go to a non-partner university you must do this independently from Macquarie. Students should apply to the university of choice as an international student and then defer their studies at Macquarie for the semester they are away. Students can then apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) on their return to Macquarie to gain credit for their studies abroad. 

It is important to note you will not be eligible for a travel grant or a OS-HELP loan if you decide to take this option. Our team is also unable to provide any advice in regards non-exchange programs.

I'm in my first semester at Macquarie, can I apply to go on exchange?

Yes, we can assess you for the program once you have completed 12 credit points at Macquarie University. However, not all partners will accept students with only 1 semester of study, so you option may be limited. One year full time study should be accepted by most partners.

Can I go on exchange in the last semester of my degree?

You can go on exchange in your last semester so long as you have enough units remaining to study full time whilst on exchange (minimum 9cp for undergraduates; minimum 8cp for Postgraduates). However, you are only eligible to take out the government OS Help Loan if you have at least 1 unit to return to upon your return. We strongly encourage students who go on exchange in their final semester to discuss this with an academic advisor from your department first.

If my GPA is below 2.0 is there any way I can still apply for the program?

No. Unfortunately, this is a strict cut off. Study hard and apply next semester!

Can I do more than one exchange program during my degree?

Yes, you may apply for multiple exchange programs if you have available credit in your degree. Please also note you must adhere to the minimum requirements you must undertake at Macquarie.

Can I extend my semester exchange to one full year?

Yes, depending on spaces at the host university. If you want to extend to do a full year you will need to discuss with an academic adviser if there is space in your degree for an extra semester. If there is, you will need to apply again to the Macquarie Exchange Program. However, it is not guaranteed that you will be able to stay at the same university. Depending on how many other students apply to go on exchange to that university, you may be nominated to another university for your second semester.

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