Costs and funding

Costs and funding



Administration fee

There is a non-refundable fee of $50 applies for all semester and short-term exchange programs.  Information on how to make payment will be provided once you are offered a place on the program. It is non-refundable, and needs to be paid regardless of whether a student accepts or rejects their offer. The fee will be charged through your eStudent. Students will be required, as normal, to check their eStudent for outstanding debt statements.

Tuition fees

Students do not pay tuition to their host university while on exchange. Instead, all students participating in any exchange program (both semester long and short-term) will be enrolled into a corresponding load of study at Macquarie University. Enrolment at Macquarie attracts the same rate of tuition as normal units and students will pay or defer regular fees to Macquarie for this enrolment.

Logistics Costs

Some programs have logistics costs included. The logistics costs include different costs depending on the program, and can include:

  • Accommodation Costs
  • Transport Costs
  • Visa Costs

Travel and Insurance Costs

It is a requirement of the exchange program that all students must purchase their own airfare and travel insurance to cover them for the duration of their entire journey abroad.

Living Expenditures

Here are some expenditures the students are to expect after arriving in sydney :

  • Accommodation -- Will you be sharing a flat or living in a residential college? Are you going to a major city or a smaller town?
  • Meals -- Will you be living in a residential college with a meal plan? Are you willing to cook for yourself? Do you like to eat out at restaurants a lot?
  • Local transport -- Will you be living on campus? Will you have to commute to uni each day?
  • Other living expenses including utilities -- Will you be sharing a flat with other students? Will utilities be included in the rent?
  • Local travel and activities -- How much travelling to you plan to do?
  • Entertainment expenses -- How often do you go out to bars, nightclubs, and concerts?
  • University Textbooks or PDF's
  • Additional activities fees (i.e. science lab costs, class field trips)
  • Cultural activities

The cost of living varies tremendously across different countries and cities. Your lifestyle will also have an impact on your costs.



The Australian Government is committed to providing support for more Australian students to study overseas as part of their Australian qualification.

Funding available for Commonwealth-supported students

Note: Funding can take up to 8 weeks to be processed upon confirmation of students' acceptances by the host university.

New Colombo Plan

The New Colombo Plan Scholarships program provides opportunities for Australian undergraduate students to undertake semester-based study and internships for mentorship in participating Indo-Pacific locations.

There are two streams of funding available:

Endeavour Leadership Program

As of 2018, the Endeavour Cheung Kong Student Exchange Program, the Study Overseas Short-term Mobility Program and the Asia Postgraduate Program have been integrated into the Endeavour Leadership Program. The ELP supports Australian undergraduate, postgraduate and vocational education and training (VET) students to have an overseas study experience that contributes to their Australian qualification. For further information please visit the ELP page.

Centrelink benefits

If you are currently receiving Youth Allowance, you will generally continue to be eligible for this benefit while on exchange, however you should confirm your status with Centrelink. If you are accepted into the exchange program, you will need to indicate that you are receiving Centrelink benefits on your Travel and Insurance Details Form. Macquarie Abroad will then issue you with a letter stating that you will be a enrolled as a full-time student while on exchange. This letter can then be taken to a Centrelink office to ensure continued payment of your benefits.


The OS-HELP loan is an Australian government initiative with the aim of assisting students while studying overseas. The OS-HELP loan is available for students who are currently under a HECS-HELP scheme.

Funding available for Commonwealth-supported students & Non-Commonweath-supported students

Note: Funding can take up to 8 weeks to be processed upon confirmation of students' acceptances by the host university.

Macquarie University Asia Society Scholarship Program

The Macquarie University Asia Society Scholarship program is a co-branded scholarship to incentivize students to undertake a semester exchange program in a leading partner University in Asia. Students are eligible to receive up to $10,000 AUD if successful. For further information regarding the scheme, please see our program page.

Travel Grants

Macquarie Abroad provides Travel Grants to each successful applicant. The amounts awarded vary according to each program and are subject to change. You can review the amount  by searching for the relevant program.

(Amounts below may be subject to change)

Semester Exchange
Short-Term Exchange 
Asia-Pacific (excl. Oceania), Eurasia


Latin America, Africa, Middle East


North America, Oceania, Europe (excl. Eurasia)


New Colombo Plan Mobility

Up to $7000 for semester exchange

Asia Society Scholarship

Up to $5000 for semester exchange

Bachelor of International Studies

$1800 for semester exchange and $1000 for short term exchange

Terms and Conditions for Travel Grants


  • Students in the exchange program are required to register with Smartraveller and
    International SOS before travelling overseas.
  • Students need to arrange their own accommodations, visa, travel insurance and
  • Students in the exchange program are ambassadors for Macquarie University. They are
    required to participate in promotional activities at the host campus for the duration of the
    experience and agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the host campus,
    community, and country.
  • Travel grants are only available to students who are enrolled in coursework programs
    during the travel they will undertake and for activities that count as credit towards their
    academic program at Macquarie University.


  • Students are required to pass at least 65% of the units they take at their overseas
    university. If this is not achieved students will be required to repay their travel grant. This
    repayment will be regarded as a debt to the University and sanctions may be placed on the
    students account until repayment has been made.
  • Students must be aware of the minimum requirements to obtain a Macquarie University
  • Students are not allowed to be enrolled in internal Macquarie units whilst on exchange. You
    will need to withdraw from any internal units prior to departing for exchange.
  • Students participating in an exchange program are required to ensure their grades are
    transferred by the specified dates outlined below. This may require students to request an
    official transcript from the host university after completion of the exchange period. Grades
    not resolved by these dates will have a Fail (F) loaded against each outstanding exchange
    unit unresolved.
    • Northern Hemisphere Semester 1: resolved by 15 December the same year
    • Northern Hemisphere Semester 2: resolved by 15 June the following year
    • Summer Exchange: resolved by 15 June the same year
    • Winter Exchange: resolved by 15 December the same year
  • If a student is participating in exchange during the final semester of study of their Macquarie degree, they are responsible for:
    • Obtaining the official host university transcript in good time for the grade transfer to be completed; and
    • Adhere to any other university completion requirements

Cancellation or Withdrawal

  • If the exchange program is cancelled or if the student does not complete it, they will be required to
    repay the travel grant. This repayment will be regarded as a debt to the University and
    sanctions may be placed on the student's account until repayment has been made.
  • If a student withdraws from any program after the final withdrawal date as indicated in
    official documents relating to that program, they will not be eligible for a refund of payments
    made and will also incur any other costs related to the program withdrawal whether
    imposed by Macquarie or the host institution.

Upon Return

Students will need to:

  • Submit a testimonial their exchange experience to Macquarie Abroad
  • Commit to promoting their exchange experience at particular events (eg, O-Week)
  • Upload at least one photo of their experience to social media with #MyMQ
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