On the program

On the program

Students already accepted into the Exchange or Short Term programs can access the information required to finalise their program through the community unit in iLearn.

Please note you must complete the following to finalise your exchange experience:

  • Study plan
  • Travel details and insurance

If you are having trouble logging into the unit please check you have accepted a place for a Student Exchange or Short Term program.

Please contact mi.exchange@mq.edu.au for any further queries.


Is accommodation available and guaranteed overseas?

Accommodation is not guaranteed. Exchange universities have staff available to assist students in securing housing.

Will I be able to live on campus at the overseas university?

Students generally choose to live in residential colleges on their host university campuses (very common in North America).

It is recommend that you choose on-campus accommodation if it is available; it is the best way to meet local students and to become involved in university life.

Quite often the housing application will be a part of your application to your host university, but this depends on each institution — some universities require a separate application for housing.


How do I fill-in the travel and insurance details form?

Please upload your travel insurance (PDF format) in the "attachments" field.

Please fill-in the below information:

  • Departure Date = date of your departure
  • Prog Start Date = Program start date
  • Mid Sem Start = Mid semester start date
  • Mid Sem End = Mid semester end date
  • Prog End Date = Program end date
  • Return Date = The date you return to Australia
  • Centerlink? = Do you receive Centerlink payment?

Will I need to book my own travel arrangements?

Yes, you are required to make your own travel arrangements.

When should I book my flights?

After you have been notified of your official acceptance to the host university. Should you choose to buy the airfare before this time due to limited flights or prior arrangements, you assume all risk for loss of funds


Do I need to buy travel insurance?

Yes. All students must be covered under a comprehensive insurance policy from the day they leave Australia until the day they return to Australia (inclusive). It is your choice which policy you purchase, however it is recommended that the coverage meet the following minimum requirements :

  • unlimited medical expenses 
  • at least AU$1 million medical evacuation costs and AU$100,000 repatriation costs 
  • at least AU$2.5 million in public liability insurance

All students must submit a copy of their insurance certificate of coverage along with other documentation to their exchange adviser in order to receive the travel grant.


Will I need to get a student visa?

Most students will need to get a student visa in order to enter their host country. Obtaining a visa is your responsibility, as is abiding by its conditions.

How do I get a visa?

Please apply to the relevant country embassy/consulate.

You will apply for your visa after your official acceptance into the Macquarie University Student Exchange Program and after you have been accepted by your host university.

Your official acceptance by your host university may simply be in the form of a letter of acceptance, or it may be a more sophisticated form of visa documentation (particularly in the case of the USA). You will be required to take this official documentation to the appropriate consulate to apply for your student visa.

If you hold multiple passports, such as an Australian passport and a British passport, we encourage you to obtain a student visa and travel using your Australian passport.

Again, please note that arranging your visa will be your responsibility. The staff at Macquarie International are not authorised to give any specific advice relating to visas.

After exchange 

I am trying to enrol into units for the next semester, but am unable to as I completed some pre-requisites on exchange. How can I fix this?

You can request a waiver which allows you to enrol through AskMQ. You will need to upload the transcript from your host university as proof you have passed any prerequisite units while abroad.

I just got back from exchange, how do I ensure I can graduate in the next ceremonies?

You will need to submit an 'I intend to graduate' form via eStudent. When you return, let us know if you are graduating soon, and we will do our best to ensure your grades are transferred as soon as possible once we have the host university transcript.

My exchange units are not showing up in the correct option space in eStudent. Why is this?

eStudent does not recognise exchange shell units. What the unit represents is written in the course comments section of your transcript. These units are not forgotten, they will be counted along with all other units for you degree completion.

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