Student survey

Student survey


lighthouseMacquarie has an extraordinary history of inspiring stories of learning and discovery. As part of our ongoing work to serve and engage the University’s communities, the next step of our branding project, Shared ID, is being undertaken to evolve the sharing and telling of our collective story.

Our communities’ input is vital; not only will your feedback help guide Shared ID 2.0, it will assist the University in the creation of resources to help bring the brand to life and distil and refine the common threads of our narrative.

By providing feedback, you will also go in the draw to win a share of over $3500 in prizes. Responses will be anonymous; you may choose to enter the prize draw upon completion of the survey, but your response will remain confidential.

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The project

1. What is Shared ID 2.0?

Shared ID 2.0 is a brand initiative by Macquarie University’s senior leadership team, developed by external agencies to develop a clear narrative and a strong brand proposition for communications directed at our various audience segments.

2. Why Shared ID 2.0 is important?

Having a clear narrative is important to provide a strong and coherent communication vocal point to communicate our messages, both internally and externally. The clear narrative also provides a differentiation point and distinct identity for Macquarie University from other universities.

3. Is it a new initiative?

No, this is the continuation of previous brand work that Macquarie University under took in 2015 –  Shared ID 1.0, which:

  • Developed a brand architecture that spanned every entity of the University
  • Developed an inspiring visual identity that brought the brand to life
  • Developed design protocols to guide everyone involved in delivering the new brand identity

4. What will be delivered from this?

The Shared ID 2.0 project will deliver a clear narrative and proposition that will articulate the University’s reason to exist, the values it stands for and, most importantly, communicate the direction and pathway to pursue for the future.

5. Who is involved?

Research will be conducted with current staff and students, alumni, future undergraduate and postgraduate students, parents of future students and corporate partners. All staff and students will have a chance to participate in an online survey and select staff will be involved in focus groups.

6. What will the impact be?

Macquarie University will have a clear narrative and its theme will develop and grow over time to create a clear identity, to be used in our future marketing materials, advertising and media profile.


7. When will the project start?

The kick-off meeting was held at the beginning of 2017 and research is being conducted between February and May 2017.

8. When will this project finish?

The final outcomes of the research are expected to be complete by the end of September 2017.

My contribution

9. How can I be involved in this initiative?

All staff will be invited to participate in an online questionnaire designed to gather staff feedback and opinions. Senior executives will participate in one on one consultation sessions. Groups of nominees across the University will be invited to participate in a focus group session.

Final narrative and proposition communication

10. How will the University communicate the final narrative and proposition?

A webpage will be set up to communicate the narrative once finalised, in addition to a printed booklet that will be distributed to all staff.

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