SBS and NITV Media Mentorships

SBS and NITV Media Mentorships


SBS and NITV Media Mentorship

The SBS & NITV Media Mentorship Program is open to Macquarie University students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds (for example, students who speak a language other than English at home) and Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander students who are enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts (Media) and associated media courses.

2018 Showreel - see the great range of opportunities on offer

The SBS & NITV Media Mentorship Program is an initiative of SBS, NITV, the Ethnic Communities' Council of NSW and Macquarie University and is funded by the Commonwealth Government's Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Program (HEPPP).

Media Mentorship Program: success stories

What does the Mentorship involve?

Year 1: Activities, workshops and events on campus, at SBS, NITV and at other locations around Sydney. The activities are designed to assist the student with developing skills, confidence and career know-how to support their media studies.

Year 2: Media production work experience with community projects under the guidance of ECC NSW and Macquarie University staff.

Year 3: The opportunity for work experience at SBS or NITV (for Indigenous students).

Participation in the mentorship is FREE. The program is principally designed to commence in the first year of study at Macquarie University. Second and Third year students are welcome to apply, however, priority will be given to first year students.

What is the Mentorship actually like?

The mentorship brings together a group of like-minded and diverse individuals to experience something out of the ordinary. Over the course of the program, students get to know each other as well as staff at Macquarie, SBS, NITV and the Ethnic Communities' Council of NSW and the community. Wherever possible the program also tries to provide students with additional tools to assist them open the doors to a media career. Mentees come from all over Sydney, from many different backgrounds, with different personal skills and attributes. The mentorship program is designed to supplement academic study and it is a relatively busy and fun schedule throughout the year.

To learn more about students' first-hand impressions of SBS Media Mentorship, have a read of Melinda's, Mridula's and Dayvis's recounts of what the program has been like for them.

Success stories so far...

We are proud of all our mentees and have seen them grow throughout the program. Our first program graduate was Tahmina Ansari, who secured an ABC Cadetship in 2013. In 2014 our first cohort of third year students completed work placements in SBS News and Current Affairs, Broadcast Operations and Sport, and has now graduated. From 2015 we have seen several graduates and current students find employment with SBS, NITV and other media organisations. We look forward to seeing where they go next!

How to apply

Applications for the 2018 program are now closed, applications for the 2019 program open in February 2019.

Media Mentorship Productions

2017 Showreel - hear what mentees have to say about the program

2017 ECC NSW Community Project

In association with our program partner ECC NSW, the Community Project connects Second Year Mentees with local ethnic community groups and organisations to produce a media project. This might be a social media campaign, website design, video or radio production, marketing strategy or other media related project. From the first client meeting to delivery, the Media Mentorship production crew works together to deliver a professional product.

2016 Showreel
2015 Showreel

MQ Indigenous Cadetships

Constitutional Reform Forum - Macquarie University, May 2016

Our Program Partners: SBS and ECC of NSW

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