Local and regional

Local and regional

Student on archaeological dig

Local and regional PACE activities are offered in a variety of locations and contexts throughout the Sydney basin and across Australia.

Local activities

Off campus

Most students will complete a PACE activity in the local Sydney area. One of the more common local activities held off campus is a work placement at a host organisation's premises.  In this scenario you will work at a host organisation undertaking a specific project which helps to support the organisation's mission and purpose. You will find that the experience brings to life what you are learning in a meaningful way to help you decide what you want to do in your future career.

On campus

Some PACE activities, particularly those offered by the Macquarie Business School, are held on campus. In this scenario you will work with industry experts, who come onto campus, to engage you in solving a real business challenge. These projects provide you a great opportunity to experience what it's like working collaboratively in a multidisciplinary team, a skill you will need to draw on when you graduate.


Some PACE activities are held on campus with interaction with the host organisation via Skype or other platforms. In this scenario you might visit the host organisation premises for a small part of your activity, or the entire project may be conducted online. You will find that these activities help you to develop the contemporary communication and digital skills that you will need to work in an ever changing global environment.

Regional activities

Some PACE activities are undertaken in a regional context such as a regional city area or in a country town. One of the most common types of regional activities is fieldwork in the natural environment. Fieldwork activities could involve you recording information about wildlife or plants in order to understand how a particular site is being affected by influences such as climate change, habitat destruction, or feral species. Some fieldwork activities also involve collecting information in the built environment. Fieldwork activities can provide you with an excellent opportunity to see first hand how theory applies in context.

Remote activities

Remote PACE activities are those undertaken in remote indigenous communities in Australia. We currently offer limited activities in Gunbalanya in Western Arnhem Land, and the Tiwi Islands. These locations provide for a rich educational experience if you are training to be an early childhood or primary teacher. You are provided with pre-departure briefing and support to ensure you adapt to experience the full rewards of such a unique cultural opportunity.  A remote PACE activity will allow you to become a more well rounded, informed and culturally competent graduate.

It was an amazing experience to be able to transition what I had learned in the classroom to a real life context...

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