Taman Pintar

Taman Pintar

Taman Pintar is a Science and Technology education centre that aims to develop interests of children and young people to science through imagination, experimentation and fun game. Students have an opportunity to design and deliver training workshops in a cross cultural and collaborative enrvionment, whilst contributing to Taman Pintar's aim of promoting science.

To see what it is like undertaking a PACE International placement at Taman Pintar, please watch the following PACE video.

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Session 3 2019

Location: Jogyakarta, Indonesia

Dates: 11 January- 9 February 2020

Activity cost: $1200-$1600 approx (note: subject to change)

Cost includes: Accommodation, airport transfers, in-country orientation, insurance for the activity duration

Cost excludes: Flight to destination, Lunch each day, Breakfast & Dinner on Sundays, Laundry, Visa, Personal expenses, Unit tuition

PACE Travel Grants available (subject to eligibility): $3000 New Colombo Plan Mobility Grants or $1100 PACE Travel Grant

Number of students: Approx 6

Current opportunities

*Please note that the unit availability, timing and activities are always subject to change

PACE unitUnit timingActivity examples
ENGG400Ongoing (same time as activity)Students will provide robotic training programs for Indonesian schools at Taman Pintar as well as in and around Yogyakarta as part of their science and technology promotional activities.

Before I apply

  1. Receive academic advice to see how a PACE International activity will fit into your degree
  2. Check you meet the eligibility requirements
  3. View the PACE International information session online or visit one of our drop-in sessions
  4. Refer to the PACE International essential resources for application tips, example application form and information on ethical volunteering

Meet our alumni

Austin Cheung, Taman Pintar, Session 3 2017

What do you study and where did you go on your PACE International activity?
I am an undergraduate Mechanical Engineering student, in my fourth and final year of my degree. In January of 2018, I travelled to the Special Region of Yogyakarta, in Indonesia. While in Yogyakarta, I worked with Taman Pintar, a learning centre situated in the center of the city.

What was your role or project at your host organisation?
I, along with seven highly capable engineers, were sent abroad with the goal of educating primary and high school students on the field of robotics. My role as an educator; was to mentor, teach and inspire these students, to learn and open their eyes to the world of robotics. For the four weeks we worked with Taman Pintar, we taught several classes of students the basics of robotics. The team also represented Macquarie University and Australia, during events or when greeting organisation officials.

What attracted you to the PACE International program?
I personally always wanted to immerse myself in cultures that I was completely foreign to. Living as part of a new culture exposes you to new and diverse perspectives, and helps you better understand why certain people act the way they do. I also wanted to push myself outside of my comfort zone. Going abroad meant that I would have to be take extra responsibility with my own health, finances and general well-being, becoming more independent in the process. Lastly, I knew it was a great opportunity to explore the world, make new friends and share memories that would last a lifetime!

What advice would you give a student who is thinking of applying for a PACE International activity?
PACE is easily the best way for students in taking their first steps towards their future careers. Through PACE, I was able to develop and learn several new skills, which would have been impossible in a classroom environment. The memories and friendships I created during my activity, are ones I will never forget. I believe we are very fortunate to attend a university which provides us students with such amazing opportunities. Lastly, it will be extremely difficult to find the time to go abroad once you leave university and start your career, so now is the best time, while you still have the time and energy!

What was the best part of your PACE International experience?
Embarking on a PACE International activity is full of great experiences that will last a lifetime. Making friends, new experiences, travelling, experiencing new cultures and learning, just to list a few! However, for me, the best part of my PACE International experience was getting to know some of the students I had the pleasure of teaching. Bonding with the students, despite the language barrier was a unique and memorable experience. I remember seeing the excitement in my student’s eyes as their robot did a simple task. Seeing such a trivial toy for me, bringing such joy to these kids, was definitely a feeling I won’t forget.

Unit info

*Please note that the unit availability, timing and activities are always subject to change

PACE unitUnit timingOverseas activity timingActivity examples
ENGG400Session 3 (same time as activity)Session 3Design and implement science training workshops for Indonesian youth
ISYS358Session 2 (after activity)Winter VacationDesign a prototype for an app that visitors to Taman Pintar would complete when visiting/leaving the centre. The app would capture customer feedback that would inform improvements to the centre and how to provide better services to visitors
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