NGO Forum

NGO Forum

NGO Forum’s vision is that well-informed citizens and civil society organisations in Cambodia positively influence pro-poor, equitable and sustainable development, supported by a transparent and accountable government.

NGO Forum’s overall goal is to ensure that citizens and civil society organisations are well-equipped to contribute and influence policy making and implementation processes for the benefit of poor and vulnerable people of Cambodia.

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Unit info

*Please note that the unit availability, timing and activities are always subject to change

UnitUnit timingOverseas activity timingActivity examples
LAWS452/LAWS899Session 1/
Session 2 (after activity)
Session 3/
Winter Vacation
Students provide legal support to NGOF's 3 core programs (Land and Forestry, Environment and Agriculture, and National Policy).
Review and influence policy processes to ensure land security and housing rights for displaced communities.
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