Located in Beijing, China, Delsk strives to be a channel for exchange between Asia and the world by providing a platform for global cross-border asset allocation and investment services. Employing over 200 staff in their Beijing offices, Delsk is offering PACE opportunities for students interested in human resources, global business, organisational psychology or business administration.

Find more information about Delsk on the Delsk website.

Activity information

Country and Location: Beijing, China

Timing: Winter Vacation (June - July), Session 3 (December - February)

Duration: 4 - 5 weeks

Number of students: Approx 4

Available units

*Please note that the unit availability, timing and activities are always subject to change

PACE unitUnit timingPrevious activity examples
LAWS4052 /LAWS8099 Session 1 (after activity)Student will work in the Legal Department of Delsk, and there is opportunity to work in a wide array of legal areas, including risk management, contract, and legal research into laws and regulations of different countries
PACE3060 Session 3 (same time as unit)As a large multinational organisation, Delsk is able to work with students to find an area that aligns with students' interest and experience. This could include, Human Resources, Marketing Support, global business operations, risk management, etc.

Costs and funding options

Activity Cost

Each activity incurs an Activity Cost to cover in-country costs. The Activity Cost is dependant on the location, work requirements, timeframe and duration of your activity. Additional costs, not included in your activity cost, are paid for directly by you. Financial support is available through grant funding.

Covered in Activity Costs
  • Accomodation
  • Pre-departure training
  • In-country orientation
  • Airport transfers
  • travel insurance for activity duration
  • Field trips
Not included in activity costs
  • International airfares
  • Visa (where applicable)
  • National Police Checks
  • Unit tuition
  • Vaccinations (where applicable)
  • New/renewed passport (where applicable)
  • Personal travel insurance and all related expenses for personal travel and leisure activities
  • Incidental living and travel costs (e.g laundry, transport, souvenirs)

Funding options

There are a range of funding options available to assist you with the associated costs of a PACE International activity. For more information on eligibility and application requirements see the Funding tab on the PACE International website.

Meet our alumni

Luna Zhou, Delsk, Winter Vacation 2018

What do you study and where did you go on your PACE International activity?
Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) with Bachelor of Laws – Beijing, China

What was your role or project at your host organisation?
My main role at my host organisation was to assist the Human Resources Department in their recruitment and training processes. I helped to conduct interviews and use psychology to help assess suitable applicants for job roles. I, alongside other PACE students also designed, delivered and evaluated a new cross-cultural training program for current employees.

What attracted you to the PACE International program?
Living in an increasingly globalised world, I wanted to learn more about cross-cultural issues and develop the ability to work with people of diverse cultures. Being an Australian student of Chinese descent, the PACE International Program was of great interest to me because it allowed me to immerse myself into the lifestyle, history and culture of China. Furthermore, it also allowed me to utilise the skills I acquired throughout my University studies to help solve real-world social issues.

What advice would you give a student who is thinking of applying for a PACE International activity?
Don’t be afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone. Undertaking PACE International was one of the most rewarding, eye-opening and well-organised programs I have done during my University life and I would definitely recommend it to all students who are looking to expand their network and gain more practical experience.

What was the best part of your PACE International experience?
Aside from learning Mandarin, tasting exotic Chinese food and exploring Beijing’s famous World Heritage Sites, the best part of PACE International was the opportunity to work alongside a supportive and open-minded Host Organisation. They provided us with an global perspective on issues such as cross-cultural competency whilst also welcoming our innovative ideas on resolving social challenges that commonly occur in today’s society.

Before I apply

  1. Receive academic advice to see how a PACE International activity will fit into your degree
  2. Check you meet the eligibility requirements
  3. View the PACE International information session online or visit one of our drop-in sessions
  4. Refer to the PACE International essential resources for application tips, example application form and information on ethical volunteering

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