Partnership Information

Partnership Information

NGO Forum regularly analyse proposed legislation, providing important feedback and commentary to government and the wider legal sector. NGO Forum host round table discussions for many working groups made up of other NGOs and are instrumental in actively engaging in policy dialogues, debates and advocacy for the poor and vulnerable people in Cambodia.

Students need to be flexible and resourceful, with good collaboration skills. NGO Forum operate within a highly dynamic environment, where schedules and timelines may change quickly. Students will gain experience in social research, policy analysis, monitoring & evaluation legal research. Activities may include a work-related field trip.

Accommodation: Typically hotel twin-share accommodation.

Activity Timing*: Winter Vacation (June - July), Session 3 (December - February)

Activity length: 4-6 weeks

PACE Units*: ARTS3000, LAWS4052, LAWS8099, MQBS3000

*Please note: unit availability, timing and activities are dependent on partner needs and are subject to change. Not all units are offered each session.

Location and highlights 

NGO Forum's office is situated in the Russian Market (Toul Tompoung) area of Phnom Penh. Toul Tompuong is a rapidly developing space of trendy eateries, gyms, coffee shops, markets and clothing outlets of various prices. Phnom Penh sits at the junction of the Mekong and Tonlé Sap rivers, with an established riverfront that is a hive of tourist activity.

The city has many historical sites that are easily accessed by tuk tuks, including the Royal Palace, Central Market, Wat Phnom, Toul Sleng and the National Museum to name a few. Spotted around the city are Buddhist temples (wats) along with an alluring and abundant cafe culture, clubs, bars and a diverse food scene to suit every budget.

Students heading to Cambodia with PACE International will have the option of participating in a 2 night/3 day trip to scenic Siem Reap & the UNESCO Angkor Wat temples during your activity. The in-country provider Buffalo Educational Tours (BET) will facilitate this trip at an additional cost to your activity cost. The cost will be dependent upon student numbers & will be paid in-country to BET.

Previous Activities

LawStudents focused on researching indigenous land rights and comparing the main modes of land ownership and land use for indigenous communities. The completed research was used for a review of the 2001 Land Law policy that was submitted to the government ministry.
LawA student worked on a research report, providing a review of a concurrent land conflict issue. NGO Forum were able to use this report as a basis for further research and interaction with stakeholders to provide help on this case. Students also visited the local communities who were undergoing land dispute claims.
LawStudents provided legal support to NGO Forum's three core programming areas (Land and Forestry, Environment and Agriculture and National Policy). Students reviewed and made recommendations for policy processes to ensure land security and housing rights for displaced communities contributed to securing land tenure for indigenous people and strengthened forestry governance further improving policy processes.
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