Apply for a grant

Apply for a grant

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PACE grants

Grant programs are available to assist with the costs of undertaking a PACE activity.

PACE travel grant

If you are accepted into an activity organised by PACE International you will automatically be considered for a travel grant if you meet the eligibility requirements. You DO NOT have to apply for the grant separately. 

You should only apply for a travel grant if:

  • You’re participating in a regional or remote activity in Australia
  • You’re participating in an international activity you organised yourself

The travel grant will provide you with financial assistance for air fares. You will need to meet the cost of other expenses like your accommodation.

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  • PACE Travel grant exemption from GPA application form

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PACE equity grant

If you are experiencing financial hardship you may be eligible to apply for an equity grant for your PACE activity. 

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Overseas help loan (OS-HELP)

If you are participating in an international PACE activity you may be eligible for an overseas help loan. OS-HELP is a Commonwealth Government initiative to assist students in overseas study endeavours. If you are eligible for a loan the amount provided to you will be added to your FEE-HELP Loan and must be repaid. 

Please note the definition of full-time study for OS-HELP loans is calculated by a predetermined formula. PACE International staff will be able to help you find out if your PACE International activity is considered full-time study.

For more information and to determine your eligibility please contact PACE International.

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