What happens during?

What happens during?

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Your PACE activity is designed to be safe and rewarding. Here's a few things you'll need to make the most of your experience:

  • Communicate clearly with your host supervisor
  • Show initiative and don’t be afraid to contribute ideas
  • Make the most of networking opportunities
  • Put your unit content into practice

Host supervisors

During your PACE activity your host supervisor should:

  • make your responsibilities clear
  • provide any necessary training
  • inform you about professional codes of conduct
  • supervise and provide feedback.

Risk & WHS compliance

All host organisations must comply with the NSW Work Health and Safety (WHS) Act 2011

During your PACE activity you must have:

  • a safe work environment
  • a WHS safety orientation
  • safe work systems
  • protection from bullying and harassment

You must also:

  • take reasonable care of yourself
  • ensure your actions don’t affect the safety of others
  • follow the safety procedures of the host organisation

If something goes wrong during your activity speak to your host supervisor or contact your Unit convenor or Faculty PACE team.

In case of an accident or incident immediately seek emergency help (call 000). Contact your unit convenor as soon as possible after the incident.

If the incident occurs after hours contact Campus Security on 9850 9999 and identify yourself as a PACE student.

Fair Work Act

Unpaid PACE activities are classified as vocational placements under the Fair Work Act (2009)

If you are paid for your PACE activity you will be classified as an employee of the host organisation and all employee entitlements should apply. If you are unsure about the arrangements of your activity contact your Unit Convenor or Faculty PACE team. 

Find out more about student placements under the Fair Work Act.


During your PACE activity you are covered by the University’s insurance for:

  • personal accident insurance
  • public liability insurance
  • travel insurance when the journey is over 50km or overnight accommodation is required

Insurance covers you throughout your placement providing you are enrolled in a PACE unit.

If you want to start a PACE activity before the unit start date you must submit an application for early commencement to ensure insurance coverage.

Intellectual property rights

Some PACE activities may result in the creation of intellectual property (IP). This is a term that describes the application of the mind to develop something new or original like:

  • an invention
  • a new design
  • a software program
  • artistic creation

Usually the host organisation will retain the rights to any IP created during a PACE activity. You should discuss any IP rights with your host supervisor.  If you are uncertain about your rights, contact your unit convenor or Faculty PACE team.

Student code of conduct

As a student you are bound by the University Student Code of Conduct in all your learning activities. During your PACE activity you are expected to behave ethically and adhere to the Code at all times.


The University will collect, use, disclose and manage your personal and health information in accordance with privacy legislation.


We understand that there may be factors that impact on your PACE activity such as a disability or medical condition. Support and reasonable adjustments are always available so you can make the most of your activity.

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