What happens after?

What happens after?

4 students at Peru's Challenge

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Since its inception the PACE program has gone from strength to strength, with a growing network of PACE alumni. 

Over 17,500 students have completed PACE activities over the last 5 years. Many students tell us that their PACE experience was the highlight of their studies and a pivotal moment in defining their future career path. We are keen to support your PACE journey and hear about your exciting experiences.

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PACE student stories

Many students have shared their stories about what they gained from their PACE experience. Visit our video gallery for some inspiring examples.

Taking PACE forward

Applicants with practical experience are highly valued in today's competitive job market. In fact, many PACE students have been successful in transitioning from a PACE intern to a paid employee at a highly sought after organisation such as Microsoft.

An excellent way to demonstrate your suitability for a future position is to list a referee from your PACE experience such as your host supervisor or Unit Convenor. Make sure you ask permission before you include their name and contact details in any job application. Find out how to put your best application forward.

PACE Research 

Join the ranks of Macquarie students, staff, academics, and partners and who are actively contributing to social impact and innovation to solve real-world issues through research with PACE. Find out more

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