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Macquarie Business School offers a range of PACE units and activities to build your employability with authentic experience directly relevant to your degree.

PACE and my degree program

A PACE unit is compulsory for all new Bachelor degree students.

The PACE unit(s) you do as part of your degree depends on your program. Some of the degrees offered by Macquarie Business School include at least one prescribed PACE unit (e.g. Bachelor of Actuarial Studies or Bachelor of Economics).

Check your program in handbook to see if there is a prescribed PACE unit (or more than one if you’re completing a double degree or double major). You can also choose a PACE unit elective (such as MQBS2000 or MQBS3000) if you are keen to complete an internship, and you have space available in your Flexible Zone.

Choose your own PACE experience

You can choose your PACE experience for these units:

MQBS2000: Professional and Community Engagement

MQBS3000: Student Leadership in Community Engagement

How MQBS2000 and MQBS3000 enrolment works:

I’ve found my own PACE internship opportunity… now what? (Student proposed placement)

  1. Submit your application
  2. Once submitted, a PACE staff member will email your student email account. This email will contain a link to the PACE Activity Statement online survey.
  3. Forward the online survey to your host supervisor to complete. This must be completed for your application to progress. The completed survey will be sent to PACE staff to ensure your internship meets all of the PACE unit requirements.
  4. If approved, you will be notified via your student email account that the waiver to enrol has been loaded.
  5. Finalise your enrolment via e-student (i.e. as you would normally enrol for a unit). Once you have formally enrolled, you will be able to access all unit materials through iLearn.

PACE stories

Ronan Chander (Microsoft)

"My internship involved me looking after the day to day management of the budget, and also helping the marketers in day to day operations, as well as helping out with the financial planning for the new financial year.

It’s really crucial to get that kind of practical experience outside of what you do, because it really shapes up and rounds up everything that you’ve learned at uni... The structured learning I got through the PACE unit, along with my practical application through Microsoft, really helped me get from an intern into a fully-fledged graduate in one of the biggest companies in the world."

Vanessa Daaboul (GlaxoSmithKline)

"Most of us go into a degree with great uncertainty about whether we made the right decision. An internship allows you to experience the workplace hands-on, bringing your textbook to life.

The internship was beyond my expectations. I got the feel for finance while being part of a great community of people. I gained a thorough understanding of how finance fits within a business."

Andrew Bonnici (Telstra)

"Gaining work experience is invaluable for everyone. It provided me with the direction, guidance and greater understanding of what I wanted to be in life. Prior to undertaking this marketing experience I had decided against marketing as a major. However, with such practical experience, exposure and success as a Telstra ambassador, I am now only one semester away from graduating with a marketing degree. This is an experience that has changed my direction in life and could change yours too."

James Camilleri (Konica Minolta)

"My experience with PACE and Konica Minolta has been invaluable. Not only have I kick started my career, but my professional growth has been complemented by an immense personal growth. My development was heightened by the autonomy, provided by my supervisor, to apply contemporary academic theory with demanding real-world situations.  A perfect way to summarise my experience was the fact I was given responsibilities, not tasks. In addition to my responsibilities, the interaction with staff and stakeholders gave me an insight into the everyday culture and politics of an organisation, fostering soft skills such as communication, agility, problem-solving and relationship-building skills.  Overall, the PACE unit coupled with my personal experience at Konica Minolta has been the highlight of my undergraduate study thus far. I would have no hesitation to do it again or recommend the program to others."

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