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Faculty of Arts

PACE units in the Faculty of Arts offer you an opportunity to engage in practical projects across every area of study in the faculty including:

  • Law and criminality
  • Media, creative arts and communication
  • Society, history and Languages

PACE and my degree program

A PACE unit is compulsory for all new bachelor degree students. Check your program in handbook to see which PACE unit you must do.

Many degrees in the Faculty of Arts specify a prescribed PACE unit to be completed, for example:

  • The Bachelor of Social Science requires SSCI301

If you are completing a Bachelor of Arts you may also find your prescribed PACE unit in your qualifying major, for example:

  • The International Relations major requires POIR333
  • The Public Relations and Social Media major requires MAS390

If there is no prescribed PACE unit identified in your program or major, you may have the option of choosing which PACE unit you will complete.  Check available PACE units in handbook.

If you wish to discuss your options, please contact the Arts PACE team at arts.pace@mq.edu.au

Choose your own PACE experience

Most Arts PACE units require you to find your own PACE activity. This means you will need to find an organisation that is willing to host you and supervise an experiential learning activity.

Once you have arranged an activity you will need to submit an online proposal form for the relevant PACE unit to obtain the unit convenor's approval. To request a link to the proposal form for the arts PACE unit you wish to enrol in please email arts.pace@mq.edu.au

Finding your own PACE placement

Finding your own PACE activity can be a rewarding and valuable experience. For tips on finding your own activity please login to the PACEWISE ilearn unit. The Arts PACE team are also on-hand to offer advice and assistance.

Several websites promote opportunities suitable for credit in an Arts PACE unit. In the past students have found the following websites beneficial, but this is by no means an exhaustive list:

Macquarie Careers Service

We strongly recommend you ensure your resumé and cover letter is up to date before beginning your search for a PACE activity. If you would like assistance check out the Careers and Employment Service or visit the Career and Employment Centre on the ground floor of MUSE.

PACE399 Professional Internship: Learning in Practice

If you are interested in a generic PACE unit, PACE399 might be a good option for you.

You are encouraged to express interest to enrol in PACE399 if:

  • You don’t have a discipline-specific PACE unit in your program of study
  • You have room in your program to complete electives outside your discipline
  • You have completed 39 credit points of study

Please be aware that PACE399 is a student initiated PACE unit which means that you are required to consult with the Faculty of Arts PACE office to independently secure an internship opportunity.  Approval by relevant staff must be obtained before your placement commences.  Please contact the Arts PACE Office at least four weeks before the start of your placement for relevant paperwork to be processed.

PACE stories

Each year hundreds of students in the Faculty of Arts complete a PACE activity. Below is a snapshot of some recent Arts PACE stories which may offer you some inspiration.

Lauren Goodwin (JPNS360)
As a student currently studying Japanese, the opportunity to be able to get experience doing work in Japan was an
opportunity that was extremely valuable to not only my future endeavours to have a career that involves Japan, but also to
my current studies. Being in the workplace, I was able to get a unique insight into aspects such as Japanese work culture,
which I would not have been able to experience as a tourist or even as an exchange student. Additionally, being a part of the
staff of a college, rather than a student, meant that I also was able to participate more actively in lessons by leading groups of
students. As a result of this constant interaction and responsibility, I was able to gain much more confidence in roles I was
doing, and thus, more confident in myself. Furthermore, by doing PACE, I felt that I was able to make an impact upon the
community in Japan, whether it be helping to assist teachers in class or interacting and getting to know students at the
school. Overall, I feel that participating in PACE has been a worthwhile experience which I will value for years to come.

Katelyn Matthews (ANTH225)
Working with the amazing people at the Australian Museum, I have exceed my own expectations of what I can achieve and
continue to enrich and update my knowledge. I cannot thank everyone who was involved in making this possible enough; it
has certainly changed my life in ways I could never have imagined, and I look forward to the future challenges and experience
that this brings and the continued growth and changes I will experience.

Contact us

For all student enquiries, please email arts.pace@mq.edu.au

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