Apply for a prize

Apply for a prize

Prize winning students with certificates

Professor Judyth Sachs PACE Prize

The annual Professor Judyth Sachs PACE Prize was established by Emeritus Professor Judyth Sachs to acknowledge and reward students for outstanding achievement in a PACE unit. 

Prize winners receive $500 each and the prize is recorded on the academic transcript and Australian Higher Education Graduate Statement.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible to apply you must meet the following criteria:

  • Undergraduate student(s)
  • Successfully completed a PACE unit *
  • Studied during 2016

For 2016, this includes PACE units that ran in Session 1, Winter Vacation, Session 2, Session 3, or Full Year 2016.

* NB: Co-curricular students are not eligible to apply

Application criteria

Applications are assessed on a competitive merit basis against the following:

  • The quality and value of your contribution to the partner organisation and/or the broader community;
  • The quality of your reflection on how the activity enabled you to achieve one or more of the units learning outcomes;
  • The quality of your reflection on how the activity enabled you to achieve one or more of the Graduate Capabilities (specified in the Unit Guide)

Additional question for group applicants:

  • The quality of your reflection on the key factors that enabled you to work effectively as a group

There are two categories for prizes:

  • Long activities – 130 hours or more (in total)
  • Short activities – Less than 130 hours (in total)

There are two prizes available in each faculty.

Apply now

If you meet the application criteria you are encouraged to apply.

You must complete the individual application form if you worked on an individual project.

You must complete the group application form if you worked on a group project.

Unit convenors and host supervisors will be contacted to verify the enrolment, activity details and participation of all group members

Applications must be submitted by Sunday 5 March 2017.

All applications will be assessed by a selection committee consisting of the:

  • Associate Dean Learning and Teaching of the Faculty
  • PACE Academic and Programs Director
  • Academic Director of PACE in your Faculty

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  • 2016 Judyth Sachs PACE prize guidelines
  • 2016 Judyth Sachs PACE prize application form: Individuals
  • 2016 Judyth Sachs PACE prize application form: Groups
  • Judyth Sachs PACE prize tips for applicants

Previous winners

The 2014 PACE prize winners were:

Faculty of Arts 

Faculty of Business and Economics

Winner Long activity

Student/s: Paul Soper
Partner: Centro de Gestión Cultural PUKAÑAWI
Activity: Film Making and Human Rights Work in Sucre, Bolivia
PACE unit: INTS305

Joint winner long activity

Student/s: Frazer Campbell-Cooper
Partner: GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Business
Activity: Introduction and Implementation of Yammer in the ANZ
PACE unit: FOBE300

Winner Short activity

Student/s: Amelia Cox
Partner: Waitara Public School
Activity: Waitara Public's Community Engagement Project
PACE unit: SSCI301

Joint winner long activity

Student/s: Alyssa Mulray, Tayler Parnell, Alexander Clarke, Jay Palese and 
Stephanie Cappas
Partner: Tribal Warrior Association
Activity: Key internal challenges confronting Tribal Warrior Association
PACE unit:  BBA360 

Highly Commended

Student/s: Kathleen Tennikoff, Jasmine Mulcachy, Rebecca Thomas-Packer, Rebecca Amit, Nicola O'Brien, Lianne Tan and Stephanie Saad
Partner: Bahay Tuluyan, Phillippines
Activity: Child 'Rescue' Regulations Analysis and Development of Tools to Aid Compliance and Assist Complaints
PACE unit: LAWS552

Winner Short activity

Student/s: Rhitwika Adhikari, Mandy Yu, Shahan Li and Jack Burton
Partner: Deloitte Australia
Activity: Waterfall-Deloitte Frastrack Program
PACE unit: FOBE300

Faculty of Human Sciences

Faculty of Science and Engineering

Winner Long activity

Student/s: Freya Raffin
Partner: Gosford City Council
Activity: Nature's Secret to Success: The Health Benefits of the Coastal Open Space System
PACE unit: HLTH300

Joint winner long activity

Student/s: Anna Gregory
Partner: Sydney Living Museums
Activity: Caring for Collections Internship
PACE unit: FOSC300

Winner Short activity

Student/s: Joanne Green
Partner: Jewish Aid Australia
Activity: Jewish Aid Australia, Darfur Homework Club in Blacktown
PACE unit: PSY399 

Joint winner long activity

Student/s: Chris Patfield
Partner: Place Partners 
Activity: Place Partners Internship
PACE unit: ENVG461

Highly Commended

Student/s: Bianca Staal and Tessa Stockburger
Partner: Restless Development
Activity: Needs Assessment for Sexual Reproductive Health with a Focus on Parent and Adolescents
PACE unit: HLTH300

Joint winner long activity

Student/s: Bronwyn Reichardt and Jack Vidler
Partner: Australian Astronomical Observatory
Activity: Huntsman Telephoto Eye - Prototype for the Huntsman Telephoto Array
PACE unit: ASTR310

Winner Short activity

Student/s: Justin Gavin
Partner: Westmead Children's Hospital
Activity: Serum Vitamin B12 Levels in Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus
PACE unit: FOSC300

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