Practical experience

Macquarie's commitment to employability means we take you outside the lecture theatre and into the heart of your chosen industry.

These days employability is not just about what you know, but increasingly, what you can do and how adaptable you are. Employers are seeking industry-savvy and capable graduates with a diverse skill set. You'll need both technical expertise and transferable skills like communication, critical thinking, problem solving, team work and cross cultural awareness.

That's why we provide innovative opportunities to build on your academic studies with authentic workplace experiences. Our multi award-winning PACE (Professional and Community Engagement) program is for all undergraduate students and is a vital part of your career preparation. Through PACE, you'll learn from industry leaders, put theory into action, and gain the skills you'll need to jump start your career and get yourself ahead of the pack.

More about PACE

2017 PACE Awards

With the help of the PACE program, I've been able to take all the things I'm learning in class and put them into practice in a real workplace. This means when I graduate I won't just have my degree, I'll also have a whole lot of practical experience in my chosen field of study.

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