Student Representative Program

Student Representative Program

Are you interested in enhancing the student learning experience for your unit?

Applications for Unit Rep positions in Session 1, 2019 in the Faculty of Business and Economics have now closed. Applications for Semester 2, 2019 will be available on the 1st July 2019.

The role of the unit representative is to work in a team to gain feedback on the unit from other students and communicate it to their unit convenor in two written reports each semester. Unit Reps provide timely feedback to convenors on important aspects of their units, including assessments, content, resources and learning and teaching experiences.

Benefits of being a Unit Representative

"The Student Representative Program is a great way to become more involved in university and to give a voice to the students. You will develop your teamwork, report writing, public speaking and leadership abilities through participating in this program." - former Finance Unit Rep

Unit Reps are more engaged with the unit, have an increased awareness on the teaching and learning process, improve on their interpersonal skills and critical thinking and become more confident in responding to feedback in a professional manner.

Students who successfully complete the program will also be eligible:

  • for 10 points of Global Leadership Program experiential credit
  • for recognition on their AHEGS, as an additional achievement relating to both curricular and co-curricular activity.
  • to receive a written reference
  • to apply for a Department Representative role

Department Representatives meet with senior academic staff to provide feedback on issues important to students and are the student representative for the Learning & Teaching Committee.

Students who would like to be good communicators with the motivation to make a positive impact should apply.

How do I apply?

Check on the unit’s iLearn announcements for a link to the application form.

For more information, contact the Student Representative Co-ordinator at:

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