Lucy mentoring for mentors

Lucy mentoring for mentors

What is Lucy?

Lucy is a mentoring program in the Macquarie Business School for second year and above undergraduate female students. It empowers students to identify the skills they need to become future leaders and map their future career paths, by establishing relationships between them and senior executives from the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

As a mentor, you would:-

  • Guide a motivated female leader of the future by planning small work-based activities for your mentee such as attending mock interviews and team and client meetings.
  • Attend the program launch, mid-briefing session and closing event to meet and network with other executives (2020 dates below).
  • Learn fresh perspectives, new technologies and new ways of working from your mentee.

Program timeframe

Lucy runs for five months between May and October. In 2020 the dates are:-

  • Online Program launch: Tuesday 12 May (evening)
  • Online Mentor mid-briefing session: Tuesday 11 August (morning)
  • Online Closing event: Tuesday 20 October (evening)

As a mentor, you should commit to spending a minimum of 20 hours over the five-month period of the program.

Who can be a mentor

Women and men from the public, private and not-for-profit sectors can become mentors. We particularly encourage professionals with a minimum of 10 years’ industry experience to apply. Your commitment to spending time with your mentee, sharing your personal and professional experience and developing the next generation of leaders is our main criteria.

Why you should become a mentor

  • Guide future female leaders in their career paths, by immersing students in your work environment and allowing them to observe and discuss business issues with you
  • Prepare your mentee for their career by encouraging them to think about the range of available career options and explaining ways of overcoming challenges experienced by women in the workplace
  • Share your skills and passion for your industry
  • Gain positive visibility and demonstrate you can work successfully with the next generation

Submit your 2020 expression of interest

To express your interest in participating in the Lucy Program in 2020, please contact Christine Nichols on or 9850 4755  by April 13, 2020.


Christine Nichols

Lucy Mentoring Program Coordinator
Phone: (02) 9850 4755

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