Become a peer mentor

Become a peer mentor

Looking for a great leadership experience?

Are you:

  • Proactive?
  • Motivated?
  • A great communicator?
  • In your third year or later of your degree?

Apply to become a peer mentor and lead a group of first year students through the First STEP Mentoring Program.

MQBS First STEP (Striving Towards Excellence Program) connects first year students with Academic and peer mentors within the Macquarie University Business School, so students can get some advice from those who have done it all before.

Each peer mentor will be partnered with an Academic mentor. Together you will be assigned to a mentoring group made up of 3-5 first year undergraduate students.

You will organise two social meetings for your group to get together and get to know each other. You could meet them all for lunch or take them to an event run by a student society. Peer mentors are given the flexibility to lead their group in the way that suits them.

You will also liaise with the Academic to set up individual one-on-one meetings between the Academic and the first year students. You will gain valuable experience leading a team and, reporting to a senior member of staff, vital skills you will use in the workplace.

The benefits

  • A chance to differentiate yourself from other graduates and develop your leadership abilities, gaining experiences you will find useful to talk about in selection criteria and job interviews.
  • Meet new people and enhance your mentoring skills.
  • Opportunities to network with fellow peer mentors and Academics across the Faculty.
  • Receive a Certificate of Participation from the Executive Dean.
  • After completion of 2 sessions as a peer mentor and satisfying the relevant criteria, recognition will be given on the AHEGS statement upon graduation.
  • Under the GLP Program you can apply for credit by using the following reference: "UG - GL X32 Serving as a Mate in the "Meet a Mate at Mac" Program or as a Mentor in the FBE First STEP Program 1 semester or more."

What's involved?

Your responsibilities are:

  • Participate in a 2 hour pre-program training session and review program materials on iLearn.
  • Lead your group at the launch event to be held during Week 2 of Session.
  • Organise 3 meetings for your mentees with their Academic mentor
  • Organise and attend 2 x 1 hour social meetings with your group
  • Communicate by email as required
  • In total this requires a commitment of 10-15 hours throughout the session.

If you have any questions, please email

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