Colloquium Series

Colloquium Series

Held over 2.5hours at Macquarie’s North Ryde campus, these intensive workshops will equip you with the knowledge, skills and networks to influence positive global and social change. No prior knowledge is required and you don’t need to complete any pre-reading or assessment.

The GLP Colloquium Series will enable you to:

  • Further your understanding of important global issues and participate in group discussions on topics such as international law, Sustainable Development Goals, cultural capability in global business, multilateralism and geopolitics.
  • Turn your passion into action. Develop innovative, entrepreneurial solutions for some of the world’s most pressing problems.
  • Build your practical skills in leadership, public speaking, design thinking, ethical decision making and cross-cultural negotiations.
  • Engage in group activities with diverse students from different discipline areas.

Previous Colloquia topics have included:

  • Cross Cultural understanding
  • Preparing you for the global workforce: cultural capability in global business
  • Beyond Borders: The responsibilities of a Global Citizen
  • i4 Neuroleader Model: The Leadership Abilities for the 21st Century
  • The UN Sustainable Development Goals and You
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