Experiential credit

Experiential credit

As global leaders of the future you will need a repertoire of skills and experiences. You will need the ability to work effectively across cultures; develop innovative, entrepreneurial ideas to solve the world’s complex global challenges; and call on leadership skills that are collaborative and a force for positive change.

Build your repertoire of skills and experiences with the experiential credit component of the GLP.

What can I do?

Whether you choose to study abroad, learn a language, contribute to your local community or gain professional experience with an internship, you will have the opportunity to develop your cross-cultural and leadership skills, build your networks and influence your community.  

To see what experiences are available and how many points each experience can gain you, see our Experiential Credit Table form.

GLP students have:

What you need to know

  • You will need to design your own program of activities to obtain a minimum of 200 points of experiential credit
  • Points are earned for academic and extra-curricular activities with a cross-cultural or leadership focus
  • Examples include going on a student exchange, undertaking an internship or participating in an internationally-focused event
  • Ask faculty-specific GLP advisors for advice on how to find activities that you are interested in and tailored to your studies


Evidence is required for claiming completion of the experiential credit requirements for all cohorts of the GLP. See our Resources page for a list of GLP forms.

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