GLP Responsible Volunteering Guide

GLP Responsible Volunteering Guide

Responsible Volunteering

When volunteering is done right it can be transformative for all involved. Good volunteering is locally driven, sustainable and transparent, and keeps the best interests of the community and the volunteer in mind.

We want you to feel equipped with the knowledge and tools you need to find a volunteering placement that is both valuable to the community, and that suits your skills and needs.

You can use this guide when:

  • You’re looking for a volunteering opportunity
  • You have a volunteering placement & want some tips to prepare for your time away
  • When you come home and want to know what’s next

Why do you want to volunteer?

Do you want to develop your skills, gain experience or expand your networks? Do you want to travel or challenge yourself to step outside your comfort zone? Do you want to make a positive contribution to an organisation or community?

The desire to make a positive contribution to the world is great, but HOW you go about it is just as important.

After you've watched the below video from the Rainforest Alliance 'Follow the Frog' campaign, take some time to read through the GLP Responsible Volunteering Guide resources, and feel confident that you know how to make your impact in the best possible way.

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