Thinktank series

Thinktank series

The GLP’s Think Tank series invites postgraduate students to critically engage with some of the most compelling global issues affecting our world today.  

Led by experienced professionals and academics at the cutting-edge of international research, Think Tanks guide the leaders of tomorrow by learning from the lessons of today. 

Start your leadership journey

The GLP’s Think Tank series will help you to gain unparalleled insight into global challenges through its diverse range of topics, which inclue:

  • Climate change
  • International business negotiations
  • Indigenous peoples’ rights and affairs
  • Gender economics
  • Microfinance and development
  • Refugees and security

Think Tank topics

Think Tank


Career Mapping

Albert Lim, AUSTAPAC Business Consultants

Climate Change

Chris Reidy, UTS Institute for Sustainable Futures

Discrimination Against Aboriginal People in Australia - from the Stolen Generation to the NT Intervention

Padraic Gibson, UTS Jumbunna Indigenous House of Learning

EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and You

Albert Lim, AUSTAPAC Business Consultants

International Business Negotiations

Albert Lim, AUSTAPAC Business Consultants

International Humanitarian Law

Australian Red Cross

Leading Responsible Workplaces

Debbie Haski-Levanthal, Associate Professor, MGSM

Microfinance as a Development Strategy and Recent Trends in Internet-based Financing

Guy Winship, World Education Australia

Muslim Women and Multiculturalism - Is it all Bad News?

Ghena Krayem, University of Sydney, Senior Lecturer

Refugees and Security: A Well-Founded Fear?

Katie Wrigley, Refugee Advice and Casework Service

Spirituality and Social Transformation

Chris Kavelin, Consultant

The Globalisation of Indigenous Medicine

Chris Kavelin, Consultant

Global Leadership Perspectives on Gender Economics

Susanne Moore, The Centre for Gender Economics and Innovation

What you need to know

  • Complete six Think Tanks over the course of your participation in GLP
  • Currently enrolled GLP Students can book into Think Tanks on Thrive
  • Select from a range of different topics, ranging from international business negotiations to climate change
  • Prepare for each Think Tank by completing assigned pre-readings
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