Cross-Cultural Practicum

Cross-Cultural Practicum

In a globalised world, graduates will need to understand, adapt to and practice concepts that professionals ten years ago could not have imagined.

The world of work is rapidly changing with the introduction of new technologies and entrepreneurial ideas that will transform traditional jobs.

Give yourself a competitive edge as a global leader and prepare for the future of work with the Cross-Cultural Practicum component of the GLP. Postgraduate students will engage in one cross cultural, internationally focused practical experience as part of the GLP.

Whatever option you choose, you will have the opportunity to develop your cross-cultural and leadership skills, expand your professional networks and create positive change in your local and international community.

Students will complete an activity such as:

  • attend an approved overseas Macquarie short course or study tour
  • undertake 40 hours of a cross-cultural internship or volunteering in Australia or overseas
  • attend two domestic conferences (subject to approval by GLP staff) PLUS a minimum of 10 hours of cross-cultural volunteering in Australia or overseas

What you need to know

  • Find and participate in a practical, cross-culturally focused experience – anything from an internship with an international company in Sydney to a conference in Hong Kong
  • Ask faculty-specific GLP advisors for advice on how to find activities that are in line with your interests or tailored to your studies
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