Postgraduate program

Postgraduate program

The postgraduate GLP will equip you with the skills to become a responsible global citizen. It will challenge you to demonstrate leadership on the world’s most compelling issues, and will inspire you to be a force for positive change.

Macquarie’s postgraduate GLP will develop your understanding of international issues alongside like-minded leaders from a range of academic disciplines.

With the postgraduate GLP you will:

  • Develop and apply your skills in cross-cultural negotiation through a diverse range of activities
  • Expand your professional networks via access to leaders from across the University and beyond
  • Broaden your knowledge on today’s pressing global issues
  • Discover how innovative and entrepreneurial approaches can be applied to find solutions to current global challenges

To complete the postgraduate GLP you will:

  • Attend six think tanks
  • Complete a Practicum
  • Have the opportunity to attend a range of exclusive on-campus keynote speaker events including the annual Innovative Leader Speaker Series, as well as a range of GLP events and cultural tours

Think Tanks

Attend six Think Tanks to discuss and debate contemporary global issues, facilitated by specialists in their fields.


Gain first-hand experience in applying your intercultural communication skills in a range of settings by completing a self-designed program of activities for your Practicum.

Innovative Leader Speaker Series

The Innovative Leader Speaker Series gives you access to genuinely pioneering, innovative leaders who will inspire and inform you. This annual event allows you to network with fellow students, academics and industry professionals.

What you need to know

  • All currently enrolled Macquarie postgraduate (including HDR) students undertaking study for an award are eligible to join GLP
  • You can find out more by attending a mandatory Welcome Session at the start of Session One or Session Two
  • To begin your leadership journey, register for the postgraduate GLP on Thrive using your OneID and password
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