Other opportunities

Other opportunities

The GLP offers opportunities to inspire you, engage you with critical international issues, network with community leaders and travel the world.

GLP keynote speaker events

Innovative Leader Speaker Series

The Innovative Leader Speaker Series is an annual keynote speaker event held on-campus. At this event you will gain firsthand insights into the leadership journey of leaders who have catalysed positive global social change.

Foreign Affairs Speaker Series

The Foreign Affairs Speaker Series gives you the opportunity to attend on-campus briefings that connect you with professionals whose careers focus on foreign affairs and global issues. The GLP has hosted over 30 Ambassadors, High Commissioners, Consul Generals, humanitarians, and diplomats who provide GLP students with diverse perspectives on a range of current international issues.

Log into THRIVE to check for upcoming Foreign Affairs Speaker Series events, or to apply for credit.

What you need to know

  • The GLP runs up to six Foreign Affairs Speaker Series events each year
  • These events count for GLP credit

GLP Day Trips

Cultural Day Series

GLP cultural days explore Sydney’s multicultural hubs and further your understanding of their rich history and social, political and economic development. You will hear from migrant, community and religious leaders at exclusive briefings, discover exciting new flavours at local eateries, and forge friendships with like-minded GLP students.

The GLP runs cultural days to Auburn, Cabramatta and Redfern, where we work collaboratively with local councils and community organisations who are active in promoting cross-cultural initiatives and celebrating diversity in their region.

These suburbs are thriving economic and social centres with residents from a diversity of cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Auburn, Cabramatta and Redfren highlight how patterns of migration have shaped Australia and reflect how significant national decisions and events, such as the Vietnam War and changes to refugee and asylum seeker policy, have played out on a local level.

What you need to know

  • Cultural Days are open to all GLP students and count for GLP credit
  • The GLP runs usually two Cultural Days per session
  • Delegates are selected by the GLP in a competitive process and represent Macquarie along with other students from a range of backgrounds and disciplines
  • The day trips are run at cost price and the program fee includes all activities and lunch

GLP Symposia

GLP Canberra Symposium

The GLP Canberra Symposium consolidates the integral themes of leadership, international awareness and development of professional skills within the setting of Australia’s democratic and diplomatic core.

Through a suite of briefings with diplomats, academics and professionals, you will gain firsthand insight into the political, historical and cultural identity of Australia.

What you need to know

  • The symposium counts for GLP credit
  • Applications are open to all Macquarie students
  • Delegates are selected by the GLP to represent Macquarie in a competitive process
  • The symposium is run in Sessions 1 and 2 every year

GLP International Symposium

Are you interested in furthering your international knowledge about aspects of leadership, culture, politics, human rights and international relations?

The GLP International Symposium is an opportunity to gain direct insight into the cultural, economic, social and political dynamics of a country and its region. Broaden your understanding of global issues, including human rights, international business and social inequality, through meetings with non-governmental organisations, corporates, diplomats and local and international leaders. Cooking classes and walking tours add an extra bit of fun to the trip.

What you need to know

  • The Symposium counts for GLP credit
  • Applications are open to all Macquarie students
  • Delegates are selected by the GLP to represent Macquarie in a competitive process
  • The Symposium is a two-week study and cultural tour, accompanied by experienced guides
  • The Symposium is run at cost price with the program fee varying depending on the time and location of the Symposium
  • International Symposia will be advertised to GLP students via their student email account

Where do we go?

In the past the International Symposium has been to Singapore, Thailand, Turkey, Brazil, and China.

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