Global Leadership Certificate

Global Leadership Certificate

Become a global citizen with Macquarie’s Global Leadership Certificate (GLC)

The Global Leadership Certificate (GLC) provides an opportunity for you to enrich your international experience while embarking on a study abroad or student exchange (SAEX) program at Macquarie. You will:

  • Forge friendships with students from across the University,
  • Develop and apply your skills in cross-cultural negotiation through a diverse range of activities,
  • Expand your networks to professionals and leaders from across the University and beyond,
  • Broaden your knowledge on some of today’s pressing global issues,
  • Gain practical experience in developing innovative solutions to current global challenges.

How do I complete the GLC?

You will attend:

  • four colloquia (workshops),
  • one GLP approved event of your choice.


Pick any four colloquia to develop your knowledge and understanding of a range of international issues and professional skills with the GLP’s Colloquium Series.

GLP approved events

Global Leadership Symposium Series

Macquarie's Global Leadership Symposium Series offers you the opportunity to gain genuine insight into

  • leadership and diplomacy
  • culture
  • economics
  • society and
  • politics

in different Australian and international cities and regions of the world, which you can then apply to your own field of study, professional or personal life.

Cultural Day Series

Explore Sydney’s multicultural hubs and further your understanding of their rich history and social, political and economic development with the GLP Cultural Days.

Foreign Affairs Series

The GLP Foreign Affairs Series (FAS) connects you to professionals with experience in foreign affairs. You can participate in briefings on campus with professionals who have experience in the field of foreign affairs, gaining insight into relations between Australia and foreign nations.

An approved seminar

These are seminars run externally to the Global Leadership Program but which have a significant international or cross-cultural focus. They are advertised via the GLP Facebook page and in Upcoming Opportunities, which is sent to your student email fortnightly.

Innovative Leaders Series

Gain first-hand insights into the leadership journey of people who have created positive global social change.

The Innovative Leaders Series is an optional but highly-regarded series of events where you will be exposed to the leadership and innovative approach of professionals who can offer you truly practical tips and tools.

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