Study Abroad and Exchange GLP Certificate

Enrich your international experience in Australia while embarking on a study abroad or student exchange (SAEX) program with the Global Leadership Certificate (GLC). As international students, you understand the importance of cross-cultural communication and international affairs and the GLP provides the perfect platform to broaden your knowledge through a series of interactive and informative activities from an Australian perspective!

With Macquarie’s Global Leadership Certificate you will:

  • Engage in discussions and debates around pressing global issues,
  • Develop innovative solutions to modern challenges,
  • Expand you networks with professionals and leaders,
  • Forge new and lasting friendships with students from across the University and beyond

To complete the postgraduate GLP you will:

  • Attend 4 Colloquia (workshops)
  • Gain access to and attend at least one exclusive on-campus keynote speaker events including our Innovative Leader Speaker Series and Foreign Affairs Speaker Series.

Held over 2.5hours at Macquarie’s North Ryde campus, these intensive workshops will equip you with the knowledge, skills and networks to influence positive global and social change. No prior knowledge is required, and you don’t need to complete any pre-reading or assessments.

The GLP Colloquium Series will enable you to:

  • Further your understanding of important global issues and participate in group discussions on topics such as international law, Sustainable Development Goals, cultural capability in global business, multilateralism and geopolitics.
  • Turn your passion into action. Develop innovative, entrepreneurial solutions for some of the world’s most pressing problems.
  • Build your practical skills in leadership, public speaking, design thinking, ethical decision making and cross-cultural negotiations.
  • Engage in group activities with diverse students from different discipline areas.

Previous Colloquia topics have included:

  • Cross Cultural understanding
  • Preparing you for the global workforce: cultural capability in global business
  • Beyond Borders: The responsibilities of a Global Citizen
  • i4 Neuroleader Model: The Leadership Abilities for the 21st Century
  • The UN Sustainable Development Goals and You

The highly regarded annual event is held at the Macquarie University’s North Ryde Campus and hosts GLP students and members of the wider Macquarie community for a keynote address, followed by Q&A and a facilitated networking session with drinks and canapés.

Previous Innovative Leader Speakers have included:

  • Dr Nicole Kalms - Associate Professor in the Department of Design at Monash University and founding Director of the XYX Lab which leads national research in Gender and Place.
  • Nick Williams - Astrophysicist and Humanitarian Product Designer, Co-founder of Sempo which uses blockchain-based solutions for improving financial inclusion in developing countries.
  • Noelene Nabulivou - Political Adviser to Diverse Voices and Action (DIVA) for Equality, grassroots educator, feminist lesbian researcher, activist, and social organiser in Fiji and the Pacific.
  • Dominic Campbell - Founder of FutureGov which supports digital and design-led transformation for public services for the digital age.

Previous speakers have included:

  • Archie Law – Humanitarian Director of Save The Children Australia
  • Molly Harris Olson – CEO of Fairtrade, Australia
  • Dr. Fabio Spadi – Counsellor and Deputy Head of Mission, European Union Delegation to Australia
  • Dr. David Hammond – Research Director, Institute for Economics and Peace
  • Mr Damien Miller – Assistant Secretary, Soft Power, Partnerships and Research Branch, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
  • Mr Witold Waszczykowski - Minister of Foreign Affairs, Poland
  • Mr Chris Vein – Partner for Global Government Digital Transformation, PwC and Former Chief Innovation Officer, World Bank
  • H.E. Mr Abdolhossein Vahaji – Ambassador of Iran

Held in Sydney, around Australia and overseas, the GLP symposia provide a unique view into the social, political and economic workings of our communities through exclusive briefings with local leaders, engagement with community groups and historical overviews of the area.

All symposia incur participations costs. Funding support may be available for students from equity groups, please contact GLP staff to learn more.

Local Symposia

Explore Sydney’s multicultural hubs and further your understanding of their social, political and economic history. You will hear from migrant, community and religious leaders at exclusive briefings, discover exciting new flavours at local eateries, and forge friendships with like-minded GLP students.

The GLP runs cultural days to Auburn, Cabramatta and Redfern, where we work collaboratively with local councils and community organisations who are active in promoting cross-cultural initiatives and celebrating diversity in their region.

As thriving centres of diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds these suburbs highlight how patterns of migration have shaped Australia and reflect how significant national decisions and events have played out on a local level.

In 2019, the GLP expanded their local symposia offerings to include Innovation Day, an introduction to Sydney’s start-up ecosystem and innovation landscape. With visits to incubators, start-ups and social enterprises, students find gain first-hand advice from entrepreneurs, develop their creativity and demystify the innovation process.

Regional Symposia

Learn integral themes of leadership, international awareness and political history at Australia’s democratic and diplomatic core, and National Capital, Canberra.

Through a suite of private briefings with diplomats, academics and professionals, you will gain a firsthand and unique insight into the political, historical and cultural identity of Australia.

International Symposia

Learn about the cultural, economic, social and political dynamics of a country and its region through the GLP International Symposium.

Through meetings with non-governmental organisations, multilateral organisations, corporates, diplomats and local and international leaders, you will have the opportunity to broaden your understanding of global issues, including cultural diplomacy, governance, international business and trade, local language and civil society. Cooking classes, walking tours and visits to historical and cultural landmarks means many bucket-list items are ticked off!

Previous International Symposia have travelled to

  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • Turkey
  • Brazil
  • China
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