Macquarie Student Employment - Employer FAQs

Macquarie Student Employment - Employer FAQs


What should I pay a student?

Rates of pay will vary according to the role. Hourly rates offered must at least comply with the National Minimum standards. Roles requiring greater experience or a higher skill level are likely to pay a higher hourly rate.

Please note the following National Minimum Award Wages, as determined by the Fair Work Act:

  • Permanent Full & Part time employees - $19.94 per hour + superannuation
  • Casual/Temporary employees - $24.36 per hour + superannuation

Further information can be obtained at:

The Fair Work Information Statement contains a summary of minimum employment standards in Australia. You will need to provide a copy to every new employee.

Are International Students eligible to work?

Most international student visas allow them to work 40 hours per fortnight and full time in university session breaks. International student applicants will be able to provide you with the details of their visa.  More information is available here.

How does working with MQSE make it easier to employ students?

Macquarie Student Employment is a team of experienced recruiters, supported by a team of career consultants. We are a free service. We can advertise and promote roles, support student applications, shortlist candidates and provide unsuccessful candidates with constructive feedback.

How much do you charge to connect us with student applicants?

Access to our talented student candidates is completely free to employers.

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