Graduate recruitment opportunities

Graduate recruitment opportunities

Graduate employment programs

As you search for employment, you will see graduate employment listings tailored to attract new or recently graduated applicants. These are often called graduate employment programs.

Graduate employment programs are generally offered by mid- to large-sized organisations or government departments and provide a structured program that includes training, support and development opportunities. Typically, these programs last between one to two years, although some engineering and science programs can last up to three years.

These programs involve rotations within areas of the organisation's business and can include areas potentially outside your own discipline.  Some multi-national firms may even offer overseas opportunities as part of their program.

Graduate programs are very competitive, and the selection process can start as early as a year prior to the program commencing.

Why are graduate employment programs different?

What’s the difference between a graduate role and an entry level role?

Graduate programEntry level job
Enter business slightly higher level – more expected of youEnter business at the lower entry level 
Overview of entire business across departmentsPrimarily work in one business area with no rotation 
Additional training providedTraining only provided to do with your immediate work
Open during times that align with academic yearOpen as vacancies arise  
Offered full-time role at the end of the program within your area of choice Continue with entry role until promoted

Who can apply?

Graduate employment programs are designed for students in their final year of study, or very recent graduates. Programs can target students in specific disciplines or majors, or be more generalist.  However, most employers recruit their graduates out of their existing internship pool, so think about completing an internship or two before applying for a graduate program.

Demand for placements in graduate programs is high, meaning employers often seek the strongest academic candidatesthose with high academic achievements, who are active on and off campus (e.g. students who volunteer or are part of a student society), have been on exchange and/or have some work experience in the field. 

International students interested in applying for graduate programs should be aware of eligibility criteria relating to residency or visa restrictions. If you are looking at graduate programs with multi-national firms, consider applying to the organisation's office within your home country.  You could always return to work for them in Australia later in your career if you like.

When do employers recruit for graduate programs?

Most employers recruit early in the year at events like our career fairs. Applications generally close in March/April for programs commencing the following year.

Some employers may recruit later in the year, or may offer more than one intake during the year.

How do I apply?

Graduate program applications can be lengthy with long hiring processes. Each company will have its own application process and procedure.

For assistance with your application and the graduate recruitment process (including psych testing) go to MyMQ Career Zone:

Where to find grad programs?

Find graduate programs here:


Macquarie University Careers Directory


Graduate Opportunities

Australian Government

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