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Search for jobs

Job Searching

On this page, you will find a comprehensive list of job search sites to assist with searching for part-time roles whilst studying as well as internship and graduate roles.

Graduates - Finding a suitable job after graduation can often feel like a job itself!  Gone are the days when applying for vacancies and waiting for interviews was enough.  That is only one of the many ways students and professionals find employment today.

Research shows that up to 70% of jobs are found through networks and that these positions are never advertised.

As you near graduation, you'll need to start using your degree-related experience, networks, and any research or working knowledge of your industry to start your career. This is why attending our careers events, fairs, and other functions is useful. For more insight into how to get started on your job search, use the following resources:

Job websites

It's a great idea to have a running list of job websites that you rotate through to find vacancies.  On this page, you'll find a list of general sites as well as sites that we recommend divided by industry.

A great place to start searching for employment would be CareerHub, the jobs board that the career and employment service maintains.

Part-time opportunities on campus

Start with these sites, also check out the General job websites below and use your networks to source part-time opportunities.

Graduate employment programs

For current graduate employment programs and internships, check out these helpful websites.

General job websites

Career research and preparation websites

Industry-specific job websites

There are numerous industry-specific job boards, some of which are listed below. The Australian Public Service website provides numerous opportunities in a wide variety of industries.

Advertising/marketing/media PR
Creative arts
Engineering and IT
Human resources
Not-for-proft and NGOs
Overseas opportunities
Public sector
Research jobs
Science and environment
Sports Industry
Start-Ups / Entrepreneurship
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