MQ Professional Development Program 2020

MQ Professional Development Program 2020

Bookmark this page so that you can always locate the essential links and resources for the MQ Professional Development Program 2020.

  • Below you will find a word copy of the workbook for each session with links to activities that will assist with your learning and development in each key area.
  • Scroll down to find online activities to be completed by students who are working towards achieving their MQ Professional Development Program Certificate.
  • Session content and handouts will be uploaded on this page.
  • Amended program dates and times are also listed below

The MQ Professional Development Program completion date for tasks and activities is Tuesday 19 May. You need to submit your PDP Attendance form on or before that date.

MQ Professional Development Program 2020 requirements

You can receive a Professional Development Program Certificate by completing the following by Tuesday 19 May:

  • Attending all 5 sessions - presented by the Career and Employment Service and industry experts
  • Attend 1 general careers workshop, employer presentation or Careers Advice appointment (booked through CareerHub)
  • attend 1 careers event during Careers Week in March (e.g. Career Fair or employer presentation)
  • spend a minimum of 10 additional hours developing your skills on an individual basis (e.g. creating application documents, creating your LinkedIn profile, completing the program workbook and working through the MQ Career Ready Program)
  • Submit your PDP Attendance form on or before Tuesday 19 May

Workshop and event dates, times & locations

Workshop 1 - Tuesday 3 March, 12pm-3pm MQ Incubator
Workshop 2 - Tuesday 7 April 12pm-2pm  Zoom
Workshop 3 - Tuesday 14 April 12pm-2pm  Zoom 
Workshop 4 - Tuesday 21 April 12pm-2pm  Zoom
Workshop 5 - Tuesday 5 May 12pm-2pm  Zoom

Careers Week - Monday 9 March - Friday 13 March

Program Completion Tuesday 19 May

Awards Ceremony - Tuesday 26 May 1pm-2pm

Online activities

Delve into a range of online activities to build your skills and knowledge:

  • Links in your workbooks take you to specific resources relevant to each topic.
  • Go to the MQ Career Ready Program and start working through each of the eight sections. This will contribute towards the minimum of 10+ additional hours required to complete the program.
  • Go to CareerWISE for Career and Employment Service online resources.

Session slides, workbooks and handouts

For further information, please contact Melanie Bruniges,, 9850-9010 or
Vicki George,, 9850-9731

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