CV360 - Instant Online Resume Review

CV360 - Instant Online Resume Review

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Does your Resume need checking?

CV360 is an online tool you can use anytime, anywhere, to get instant tailored feedback on your resume with tips on how to improve.

CV360 provides feedback on 50+ checks including:

  • Presentation
  • Structure
  • Content
  • Language

In addition to instant feedback, you will also receive advice, tips and employer insight and best practices to help boost your knowledge and confidence.

If you don’t currently have a resume, find out how to create one by attending a Resume and LinkedIn Essentials Workshop or completing an online module. Next you can use the CV Builder to create your resume. Once your document is complete, simply upload it to CV360.

To access CV360, Click Here, upload your resume and put it to the test.

Don’t forget there’s no substitute for a human review before you send your resume off, so ask a friend to take a look, or book in for a 10 minute 1:1 Resume Review with the Career and Employment Service.

CV360 is provided free for Macquarie University Students by the Career and Employment Service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I upload my resume in Word or as a PDF?

Students are recommended to upload the Word version of their resume. It is more difficult for the system to read a PDF version which means you won't get the detailed feedback you need to improve.

What do the scores and colours mean?

Green = a score of 85 and above means you have included many of the key elements

Yellow = a score between 51 and 84 means you are missing a number of key elements

Red = a score of 50 or less means you have a lot of elements missing from your resume and will need to incorporate the feedback to improve your score and overall resume

What is each section worth?

File: 9%
Presentation: 13%
Structure: 18%
Content: 40%
Skills: 4%
Language: 16%

Can I download the feedback?

The best way to incorporate the feedback is to have CV360 and your resume open at the same time so you can switch between the two documents.

You are able to print the feedback or download as a PDF.

Click on each section so that the feedback from each section is visible then click on the print icon at the top right of the screen to print or save.

Can I edit inside CV360 in real time?

No, you need to open both the program and your resume separately to incorporate the feedback.

Does CV360 check my spelling and grammar?

Yes, but we would still recommend you ask someone else to read through it for a final check.

What do the 'Dismissed' headings relate to in the feedback?

Feedback can be dismissed by you if you think the feedback is not relevant or inaccurate for any reason. As soon as you dismiss any of the feedback, your overall score will be updated.

Can I resubmit my resume?

Yes, note however there is a 'fair use' policy and overuse will lead to a warning on the system.

If you are seeking additional feedback beyond CV360, please book in a 10 minute 1:1 Resume Review with the Career and Employment Service.

My resume has a high score on CV360, why haven't I been contacted for an interview?

CV360 doesn't know the specific role you are applying for so cannot provide feedback on how effectively your resume is responding to the selection criteria. Before applying for a role, ensure you are clearly addressing the selection criteria on your resume.

If you need further assistance, please book in a 10 minute 1:1 Resume Review with the Career and Employment Service.

Any further questions?

Please contact Career and Employment Service at or 02 9850-7372.

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