Careers events

Careers events

The University hosts a number of events throughout the year that can connect you with potential employers. Be sure to register on CareerHub for the events below and "Like" our page on Facebook to find any other off campus networking opportunities and programs.

Upcoming career events

Please log into your CareerHub portal for all upcoming events with our service.  Be sure to register as space might be limited.

What happens at fairs?

Graduate Careers Fairs

If you are finishing at Macquarie Uni and looking for a graduate role, interested in internships, cadetships, or other employment experience while studying, the Careers Fair provides an opportunity to meet with local, national and international employers on campus.

The Graduate Careers Fair brings a variety of potential employers to the campus giving you a chance to discuss opportunities with organisations that are looking to meet graduates and/or current students.  Many employers will have information about their employment programs.  Some might even have current or former graduate students for you to speak with. They will be looking for students who stand out from the crowd, so it is important for you to do your research and impress them with questions or comments.

Careers Fairs are held on campus twice a year in March and August.

Banking and Consulting Panel

Macquarie University is committed to connecting you with our industry partners. This fair is only open to domestic students with greater than a credit average. It is generally held at the beginning of Session 1 and is by invitation only.

Start-Up Expo

If you are interested in innovation and start-ups, this panel discussion in session 1 connects the best ventures with budding entrepreneurs. Meet mentors and industry thought leaders. The event is open to all students from all backgrounds and all experience levels.

Volunteering and Overseas Opportunities Expo

This event features organisations looking for volunteers to work with them during the session and organisations that offer overseas volunteering and employment opportunities (fees included).  It is normally held in session 1 during Careers Week.

STEM Careers Forum

This event features two large panels of employers from life and lab sciences as well as IT and technical sciences discussing how to carve a career within their respective fields.  After the panels, we have a mini careers fair for students to ask further questions and gain insight around their industries.

What are employer presentations and workshops?

Employers frequently give presentations at the university when they are looking for specific intakes of graduates or undergraduates for internships. These presentations are designed to attract students looking for particular employers, industries or roles.  They are a good opportunity to network with potential employers, gain insights into their organisations, and what they are looking for.

Employers often also hold workshops throughout the year to educate students on career-related issues, e.g. how to survive an assessment centre or interviewing skills. These sessions do not focus on the employer or increasing their brand awareness, but are provided on a pro-bono basis in order to help students to achieve their career goals.

You can find out about employer presentations and workshops above and through CareerHub.

Preparing to attend an event

Dress code: Please come dressed professionally in a suit or in smart casual dress.

Behaviour: Practice a strong handshake, smile and show genuine interest in what they have to offer.

Networking: To improve your networking skills, look at CareerWise and LinkedIn Learning videos on Networking Successfully and Professional Networking.

Self-reflection: Consider the strengths and skills you can offer. What are you good at? Practice your elevator pitch: a short introduction of yourself, your academic background and work history and why you are interested in this company's positions/offerings.

Research: Make sure you do your homework and learn about the participating organisations.

Resume: Bring a polished copy of your resume to give to interested employers after your discussions conclude.  For assistance preparing your resume ahead of any of these events, complete this CareerWise module.

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