Disclosing a disability

Disclosing a disability

Deciding when (and if) to disclose your disability in applications and the selection process can be difficult. In some cases, disclosure may not be necessary if your disability will not impact your performance in the role.

Tips for disclosing

  • Be honest - if a disability question is asked directly in an application, you may need to weigh up how serious you are about applying and if you would be prepared to disclose up front.
  • If disclosing at an interview, stay positive and point out the abilities your disability has enabled you to develop which may be of benefit in the role (resilience, initiative etc).
  • Be prepared to answer any objections you may foresee the employer having if you disclose. Also, be prepared to discuss any accommodations that may be necessary for you to do the job and how/where these can be provided.
  • Try to keep information on your disability job specific.  Steer discussion/content to show how you can do the job rather than the focus being on the problems that may arise.

Some resources to help

For further help:

Contact Accessibility Services to discuss your individual situation, what else to consider when preparing for employment, and the support services available to you while at uni.

You can also contact the Career and Employment Service for assistance.

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