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One of the most important things you'll do before you graduate is ensure you're career-ready with all the skills and knowledge needed to secure job opportunities and start building your career. We help you research organisations and opportunities, search and apply for jobs, prepare application documents and provide a platform where you can acquire the skills and experience to become career-ready.

The Career and Employment Service is open to all current students during their studies and up to 12 months after they graduate.

If you are seeking careers advice, please be aware of our new service model...

Step 1: CareerWise - Our new I-Learn module where you can explore topics such as career exploration, building a professional profile, interviews, resumes, and where to find work.  All students should start their inquiries by looking through the CareerWise modules.

Step 2: Attend a Workshop - Now that you reviewed how to do something on CareerWise, we'll offer you some practical, hands-on training through an in-person workshop.  You can book these workshops through CareerHub.

Step 3: Book an Appointment - If you still need assistance, or if you have particular questions that aren't covered in CareerWise or our workshops, you can book an in-person appointment via CareerHub.  You are only entitled to an appointment after using our self-help resources.  Otherwise, we will cancel your appointment and refer you back to the resources.

  • Career planning

    Developing a career plan helps you to define your future career path and take charge of your own advancement. It will give a sense of direction and purpose to your studies.

  • Gaining work experience

    Gaining professional and degree-related experience as early as you can while studying, will help you to stand out from the crowd.

  • Work while you study

    Studying hard and getting great marks doesn’t guarantee you a job. Most employers expect applicants to be skilled and experienced in the workplace.

  • Graduate recruitment opportunities

    As you search for employment, you will see graduate employment listings tailored to attract new or recently graduated applicants.

  • Careers and employment service

    Macquarie's Career and Employment Service is offered to all current students during their studies and up to 12 months after they graduate.

  • Tools and resources

    CareerHub and CareerWise are our online resource sites specifically designed with all the resources you’ll need to get started on the journey towards finding your future career.

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