• Practical experience

    Macquarie's commitment to employability means we take you outside the lecture theatre and into the heart of your chosen industry. These days employability is not just about what you know, but increasingly, what you can do and how adaptable you are. Employers are seeking industry-savvy and capable graduates with a diverse skillset.

    • Travel while studying

      A short-term or full-semester exchange can enrich your university experience and allow you to travel the world. You can undertake a short-term or full-semester exchange with one of more than 200 partner universities in more than 50 countries. A semester exchange can enrich your university experience and allow you to travel the world. You can then receive credit for these experiences towards your degree at Macquarie.

      • Careers and job opportunities

        One of the most important things you'll do before you graduate is ensure you're career-ready with all the skills and knowledge needed to secure job opportunities and start building your career. We help students research organisations and opportunities, search and apply for jobs, prepare application documents and provide a platform where students can acquire the skills and experience to get them career-ready.

        • Global leadership

          The Global Leadership program (GLP) is a tailored extracurricular program that can be undertaken alongside any degree at Macquarie and is open to all students. GLP is a University-funded program that develops your capability in leadership, cross-cultural understanding and international awareness.

          • Mentoring and volunteering

            Macquarie encourages a culture that’s supportive and that’s why we’re proud of the way our people step-up to help others. Our University mentors help new students settle in on campus and our faculties also offer a range of mentoring programs to help students grow academically. Volunteering to mentor is actively encouraged because it involves you in programs that benefit the University and the community while adding to your experience and personal growth.

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