Application process for PACE outside Australia

Check the steps for applying for an international PACE activity and the requirements you need to fulfil.

PACE International applications are open to all currently enrolled students at Macquarie University.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible, you must:

  • have completed one session at Macquarie University
  • be enrolled – or eligible to enrol – in a PACE unit relevant to the activity
  • hold a Weighted Average Mark (WAM) on or above 60*
  • be assessed as suitable using the PACE International Selection Criteria,

*Some activities such as AustCham Hong Kong require a WAM of 70 or above. LAWS units require a LAWS WAM of 70 or above.

If you do not hold the minimum required WAM, you can apply for special consideration [PDF 79KB] in your application form.

PACE International applications open during O Week (Sessions 1 and 2) and are listed on the PACE opportunities page.

To be notified when applications are open, please complete our registration of interest form.

Application process

Follow these steps:

  1. Register your interest on the PACE international website to learn about applications and new opportunities.
  2. Seek course guidance to find out which PACE units are available to you. Check your eligibility and how it fits into your academic calendar.
  3. Attend a PACE International info session or listen to the online recording.
  4. Submit an online application and upload supporting documents, if required.
  5. Accept your offer and attend the optional welcome session.
  6. Complete mobilisation requirements, including enrolling in the unit, making payments and booking flights.
  7. Attend the pre-departure briefing to prepare for your overseas activity.
  8. Finalise documentation for financial support and, if eligible, receive funds.
  9. Depart and complete your PACE International activity overseas.
  10. Complete the PACE International survey and attend the re-entry session.