Returning after exclusion

Returning after exclusion


Previously excluded Macquarie students may apply to return to studies where they have been excluded for:

  1. taking an unduly long time to complete a degree
  2. exceeding the minimum rate of progress
  3. double failure in a required law unit
  4. double failure in a unit offered by the Faculty of Human Sciences due to failing a practicum component.

Students that have been excluded from studies at another institution must apply via the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) and will be assessed on the basis of their overall academic record.


Generally students are excluded for a period of two years. If your exclusion period has expired you may apply to return to studies using the application method shown below.

If you are currently within your exclusion period you cannot apply using this application.

Information on appealing your exclusion.

Application Dates

Applications for Session 1 2017 open 6 September 2016 and close 30 November 2016.

Make an application to return to studies

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