PACE Scholarship - Students

PACE Scholarship - Students


Current School Leavers with a minimum ATAR of 93 and eligible non current school leavers
$1,000 per year for up to 3 years 

This scholarship has been developed around the principles of the PACE initiative. The scholarship is valued at $1000 a year for 3 years. 

The selection criteria are:

  • Current School Leavers need a minimum ATAR of 93
  • Non current school leavers could be eligible based on the admissions rank
  • To receive consideration for this scholarship applicants will also need to receive an offer to a course at Macquarie University in the UAC Early or Main Round of Offers
  • Preference will be given to students who have a history of practical engagement experience with a leadership/service orientation, e.g. participation in structured leadership/volunteering programs; service through leadership positions at school or in the community; service through volunteering with community-based organisations, etc.
  • Through a personal statement applicants will need to address the following areas:
    • How has the applicant's practical engagement experience benefited their community?
    • How has the applicant's practical engagement experience enhanced their own education? For example, what did they learn by doing the activity?
    • How does the applicant intend to continue their practical engagement activities whilst at University?
  • Applicants will need to provide a letter of support from someone who is familiar with their history of practical community engagement.

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