Macquarie Education Costs Scholarship - Students

Macquarie Education Costs Scholarship - Students




Students who have been hampered by disadvantages beyond their control.
$5,198 per year (2016 value) for up to four years (value indexed each year).
Applications for 2017 open on 3 August 2016 on the UAC Equity Scholarship website.

Macquarie may participate in multiple rounds. For each round please apply at least two weeks before the offer release date


All successful applicants will be able to demonstrate financial hardship. Applicants need to be in receipt of Youth Allowance or any other means tested Commonwealth support. Consideration is also given to applicants who, in addition to financial hardship, demonstrate any of the following:

  • Capacity to triumph over hardship
  • Indigenous background
  • Carer responsibilities
  • Geographic Disadvantage
  • Non English speaking background
  • Long term medical condition or
  • Ongoing effects of abuse

This equity based scholarship is designed to support recipients whose opportunities to study at university may have been hampered by situations out of their control.

These scholarships are available for any undergraduate course and you can apply at any stage of your course.


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