How to accept your equity scholarship offer

If you have received a new equity scholarship offer for Macquarie University through the Universities Admission Centre, you will receive a separate email from Macquarie University with details of the specific EQUITY SCHOLARSHIP you have been offered and instructions on how to accept the offer.  Please check the name of your scholarship and follow the steps below to accept the offer:

  1. Complete the relevant online acceptance form below.  (The name of the scholarship you have been awarded will appear in the email you receive from Macquarie University):
  2. Enter your banking details in eStudent
    1. Login to e-Student
    2. Click on My Finances
    3. Once in the Financial Transactions click on My Bank Details
    4. Enter/Update your bank details

    Full Instructions for entering banking details

  3. If you need to apply for a waiver please see the GPA Waiver or the  Full time Waiver

Contact if you require any assistance

How to decline your equity scholarship offer

If you do not wish to accept your new equity scholarship offer please complete our online form.

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