High achievers

High achievers

University Medal

The University Medal is the University's most prestigious academic award.


The University Medal Policy and Procedure outlines the nomination and assessment criteria for this award.

Macquarie University Award for Academic Excellence


Undergraduate and postgraduate students in a coursework award will be eligible for the Macquarie University Award for Academic Excellence upon graduation if they:

  1. Are an undergraduate or postgraduate student in a coursework award who qualifies for graduation in the year of the award;
  2. Have a GPA of 4.000/4 OR for students who commenced, course transferred into a program of study, or returned to studies following a period of absence after 1 January 2017, a GPA of 6.500/7 (Grades from subjects transferred as part of Macquarie University Recognition for Prior Learning will also be taken into account when assessing the GPA of the award); and
  3. Have a proportion of credit points undertaken at Macquarie University for the Program in which they are graduating that are consistent with the Macquarie University Recognition of Prior Learning Policy and Schedule of Minimum Requirements.

The Macquarie University Award for Academic Excellence will be listed on course completion documents.

Merit List

The Macquarie University Merit List recognises undergraduate academic high achievers enrolled in an award course.  The Merit List is compiled each year.

Your place on the Merit List will be recognised on your official Macquarie University transcript for each eligible year.

Through the year, your faculty will advise you of opportunities open to high achieving students. These events are with your peers and colleagues within your faculty and we hope they provide you with a personalised way to embark on your academic journey.


Entry to the 2020 Merit List is open to coursework Bachelor degree students who have:

(i) completed 18 credit points (or 60 credit points for students migrated to the 2020 curriculum) in the 2019 academic year at Macquarie University, and

(ii) achieved a GPA 4.0 (for pre-2017 commencing students), or GPA of 6.5 or above (for 2017 and post-2017 commencing students) for the 2019 academic year.

School leavers commencing in 2020 who achieved an ATAR of 98.5 or above will also be placed on the Merit List.

How do I join?

Eligible students will automatically have the Merit List comment added to their transcript, there is no need to apply.

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