Grants and loans

Grants and loans

How to apply for a student loan or grant

Student loans

Students enrolled at Macquarie University may apply for a loan in accordance with the Student Loans and Grants Policy / Procedure.

The intention is to provide assistance to students who are unable to finance basic requirements for study: for example, to secure accommodation, for emergency living expenses, some transport-related expenses and educational expenses including prescribed texts and computers but excluding charges for tuition. Loans are not available for the purchase of assets. Substantiating documentation must be supplied with the application.

All loans will normally be expected to be repaid within the student’s current year of enrolment. The loan may be subject to an interest rate and the student shall be required to enter into an agreement with the university to repay the borrowed amount.

Student grants

Students enrolled at Macquarie University may apply for a grant in accordance with the Student Loans and Grants Policy / Procedure.

Grants may be made to students who are affected by extreme and exceptional circumstances. To be considered for a Grant you must lodge a submission, which will indicate the special circumstances and include supporting documentation.

Before applying for a student loan or grant, it is recommended that you contact the Welfare service on (02)9850 6496 or for support and assistance in exploring all available financial options.

Find out more - see the Student Loans and Grants Policy / Procedure

Emergency loans

In an emergency the University may loan a student a small amount of money for assistance.

Maximum loan:$50
Loan interestNone
Repayment dateWithin one month from the date of issue
Loan purposeA student will generally need to demonstrate some kind of unavoidable disruption has occurred which has left them without money for an essential need, for example, no money for food or transport
IdentificationStudents must be able to prove their identity to access this type of loan
Requesting an emergency loanContact Student Wellbeing and inform them you need an emergency loan

You will be required to complete a loan document, provide identification and then submit your approved loan document to the Cashier’s Counter (Level 2, 18 Wally’s Walk, Monday to Friday, 9am – 4 pm).

PACE (Professional and Community Engagement) grants

Grant programs are also available to assist undergraduate students with the costs of undertaking a PACE (Professional and Community Engagement) activity as part of a PACE unit.

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