Research candidates

Research candidates

Continuing Higher Degree Research (HDR) candidates enrolled in time-based units are automatically re-enrolled in their time-based unit at the beginning of each enrolment period. Manual re-enrolment is only necessary if you are:

  • required to enrol in HDR Training (HDRT) units, eg., seminar units and/or additional coursework units as recommended by the Faculty;


  • enrolled in a combined research/coursework program and required to enrol in Higher Degree compulsory coursework (HDCC) units and/or other coursework units.

HDR candidates who are enrolling in any additional HDRT units must have approval for enrolment and such enrolment is processed by the Office of HDR Training and Partnership (OHDRTP). Once approved, any additional units can be added to the candidate’s program of study without additional fees (with some exceptions), provided such units are essential to the student’s research program.

Research candidates are permitted to enrol in only one additional four-credit-point coursework unit per semester. All enquiries concerning content, availability and timetabling of coursework units should be directed to the relevant department or faculty of registration.

To make change/s to your program you are required to complete the change of program (COP) form and lodge it at the HDRO by the due date.

Making changes

Arrange a time well in advance with your principal supervisor or academic adviser in your Faculty to discuss any changes to your enrolment. Please ensure this is finalised in sufficient time to lodge the COP form at the HDRO by the due date.

You must settle outstanding debts, including tuition fees or library fines, before you make any changes to your enrolment. All students are expected to check their “Statement of Outstanding Charges” through “My Finances” via eStudent.

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