Enrolment for 2020 is open.

Are you a new student?

If you are a new postgraduate student for 2020, refer to our accept and enrol page for more information.

Key dates for enrolment

All students are able to enrol and register for classes from the following dates:


Unit enrolment commences

Class selection opens

Last day to enrol in units

Session 1 2020



8 March 2020

Session 2 2020


9am on 14 July

9 August 2020

Session 3 2020



13 December 2020

Click here to see a list of units that require on-campus attendance for Session 2 2020.

You may be required to register for classes for external units with on-campus sessions. Please note most external units do require attendance on campus for a weekend or two during the session. Details can be found in the Handbook or via iLearn once the session begins.

Need help?

Refer to the Re-enrolment Support webpage for information on re-enrolment.

To find out more information on how Session 2 will be delivered, visit our COVID-19 > Online learning 2020 webpage

Click here to access your Study Plan.

Watch our eStudent enrolment tutorials if you need help navigating eStudent.

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