System unavailable

System unavailable

System unavailable

eStudent is currently unavailable but will be back up soon.


We're making changes in eStudent as part of our MQ2020 learning transformation.

We're making these changes bit by bit to minimise the impact to our students.

This means while eStudent is not available to you right now, some of your friends may be able to access it. On another day, your friends might not be able to access eStudent, but you will be able to.

When eStudent is back up, you might notice some changes in your course and units. Check your student email for more details of the changes and your next steps.

Are you trying to?

  • Withdraw from units
  • Enrol in units; or
  • View your transcript

The system will only be down for a short period of time, please try again in a few days.

Pay your fees:  If you need to pay your fees and currently don't have access to eStudent, please request a Statement of Outstanding Charges using "Submit a Question" in AskMQ.

Need help or advice?Rovers

If you need help with anything you can always:

  • Enquire online with AskMQ
  • Call us on 02 9850 6410
  • Visit Student Connect, 18 Wally's Walk, Level 2 MUSE, Macquarie University
  • Talk to our MQ2020 Rover student support team (click Support tab for more information)
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