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My eQuals is the official platform for Australian and New Zealand universities to provide a secure digital repository for certified academic documents.  It was developed to give students, graduates, employers and third parties anytime, anywhere access to academic documents.

How does this work?

A student/alumni submits a request for an academic document to be provided by Macquarie via My eQuals and Macquarie then uploads the documents into the My eQuals system. The student/alumni then registers for and logs in to the My eQuals site where they can choose to share their academic documents (for
example with employers or other universities) via the unique link provided to them. The documents are secure and certified by the system ensuring their authenticity and the student/alumni maintains control of who they share them with as well as how long the link is valid.

  • Uploads official academic documents from the University's systems to My eQuals
  • Digitally certifies the digital document
  • Provides a unique link to the document owner
  • Can revoke or update the document
Document owner (student/alumni):
  • Can view document after successful login/authentication
  • Cannot upload or alter documents themselves
  • Can choose to share documents with other parties and set how long the link is valid.

What documents will be available on My eQuals?

Your official Academic Transcript is now available on the My eQuals platform. Visit our Academic Transcripts page to find out how to order and pay for your My eQuals digital document.

Other academic documents will be available in this digital form in the future, eg Testamur and AHEGS.

What is the cost for this?

Digital document link for your Academic Transcript :  $15

How to access your documents

First time users of My eQuals will need to register and set up your account. A registration link will be sent to your official Macquarie email address once you have requested your transcript from Macquarie through the online request and payment gateway.

When your request for a digital document (currently Academic Transcripts) has been processed by Macquarie, a link to your digital document will be sent to your official Macquarie student email address (eg. <name> Once you are registered and logged in to My eQuals you can then update your profile to use an alternate email address if you prefer.

You will need to log in to My eQuals with your official student email address (<name> to access your documents.

Log in to My eQuals

Forgotten your student email address?

Having trouble logging in?

How do I change my OneID password?

Step 1:

Head to from your PC or device.

Step 2:

Login with your Student ID number.

Step 3:

You will be asked to enter the answers to questions that you set up when setting your OneID previously,
then click Next.

Step 4:

Create a new password that meets the guidelines.

What if I don’t know or can’t remember my Student ID? 

Contact the IT Service Desk
Tel:  +61 2 9850 4357
Monday to Friday:   8am-8pm
Saturday and Sunday:  10am-6pm

Want to know more?

You can find more information on the official My eQuals website.

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